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Thanks to our Bora trip two weekends ago, I was unable to blog for a couple of days. I’ve been blogging everyday since July 18 of last year (except for one dumb day when WordPress made a blunder). And since I wasn’t able to blog due to sickness, it finally made me realize that it is impossible for me to blog everyday here and in ALAS FILIPINAS, especially since I’m an employed genius. And besides, the more I try to blog everyday, the more the quality of my writing erodes, not to mention my office productivity. And I have to admit that climbing blog stats spur me to blog more and more everyday. Tsk.

Funny, it took me this far to realize that.

During these past few days, I concentrated more with my work productivity in the office. Happily, it is improving. So yes, writing (and the mere thought of it) is always on the way to office development. But of course, I don’t want to give writing away. The lesson learned here is not that I cannot serve two masters, but I just can’t simply do the same things all at once. I have to be practical: I cannot leave my work for the arts. I have four children to feed which my quixotic undertaking could not do (at the moment?).

Besides, after letting go of this self-imposed deadline to blog before the day ends, I felt more relaxed, my mind more eager to learn and discover new things. “Ignorance is bliss” is what they always say, hahaha!

But as soon as my “pyramid dreams” and other “pecuniary devices” roll out smoothly in my favor… ah! More bohemian bliss for me! =) For I still believe that I am not cut for vocation. So right now, I will blog only when I really feel that I need to. Enough with those crazy stats. My blogs are not TV stations in the first place, LOL!!!


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