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I’m going to Isla de Boracay with wifey this morning (after my night shift)! We’ll spend the whole weekend there! And to tell you guys the truth, I’m even more excited with the plane ride — coz it’s gonna be my first, LMAO!!! Yay!


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  1. angela alas feasey

    hope you and y enjoyed boracay. mike andrew and i enjoyed a few days there 9 years ago and we still remember it. i believe it has the most beautiful beach! in fact we loved it so much we intend to go back there sometime in the future, God willing! andrew experienced his first (and only) scuba dive there and dreams of doing it again.

    did you enjoy your first plane ride? perhaps you’ll want to experience a longer ride to my side of the world, eh?


  2. Hi Auntie Angie!

    Yeah, we enjoyed it so much! Bitín pa nga yung tres días namin dun, eh. Scuba diving lessons are still around! Hope to hear you guys back in Boracay!

    Ah, my first plane ride! LOL!!! To tell you the truth, I was even more excited with the plane ride compared to going to Isla de Boracay, hahaha! It was an exhilirating experience! I think it’s better experiencing it as an adult compared to doing it when one is a child, because I felt like a child during take-off! LOL!!!

    I want to do it again and again! And yeah, perhaps riding over foreign skies would offer much excitement!

    Regards to Uncle Mike and Andrew!

    Your exotic nephew,




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