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Quo vadis? Try Latin Mass –, Philippine News for Filipinos

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Quo vadis? Try Latin Mass –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

This is what a compleat Catholic should fight for — the return of the one, true Holy Mass. The Mass of all time. The Tridentine Mass.


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  1. “Doctores tiene la Santa Madre Iglesia”… just in my opinion, but I am not an authority speaking about this.
    I think it is a bad idea to return to latin Mass.

    Mass should not be a social act to spend 50 minutes every week, and that would happen if one do not understand what the priest is saying.

    The only way people understand the mass is to use the local languages, but of course, it is also important to transmit a message during the mass, if the priest is a boring one that just only read the same pattern week by week, it doesn’t matter, latin could be fine, even russian. Mass should be a fiesta, not something dull, because attendants are joining a God’s celebration.

    So in my opinion:
    – Mass in local languages.
    – Stop those dull non-communicating mass. Homily then should be longer, plenty of examples from the real life, and maybe, parishioners should participate during the homily, asking the priest what to do or asking if they acted correctly.

    And if latin mass are celebrated in a regular way, it should be another mass, with the local language.

    Of course this is my humble opinion.


    • Chuck In Seattle

      What seems to work is to provide the Latin Mass for people who get more benefit out of it. In Seattle the Bishop created on Latin Mass Parish. In Calgary the Bishop assigned one Latin Mass Priest (from FSSP) to say Latin Mass at one parish ( combining Novus Ordo and Latin Mass into one parish).

      As far understanding, I understand the Latin Mass far better because there are Missal Books that have the Latin, and prayers for me to say, and the mass is the same every day and I can follow along and learn the mass.

      I get very lost at English Mass, I don’t know what is happening next. One parish has a handout for every mass, but it is confusing, it says — penitential rite — and that is all, like I am supposed to know what that is. — and I had to ask the priest — where are the words for that … Another parish just has these pew cards and I am supposed to know when to say what part …

      As far as a social thing is that bad? At the English mass parishes people start leaving as soon as they have gotten their communion wafer, the order seems to be, grab a wafer, a sip of wine, back to the pew grab your coat, put it on and out the door … 5 minutes after a novus ordo mass the parish is EMPTY … like people leave, 45 minutes after Latin Mass ( except the 6:30 am one where only 4 people come) the vestibule at the back and the patio are full of people talking. People like to be together — isn’t that part of what the Church is supposed to be.

      I think different people need different things, and providing the Latin Mass for people who will benefit most from it is a good thing.



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