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A clandestine ghost in Corregidor captured in photo?

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Last weekend, my comrade Arnaldo visited Isla de Corregidor as part of our mission to travel the whole country and document traces of our Hispanic past.

When he took a photograph of the ruins of the three-storey Mile-Long Barracks (reputedly the longest barracks in the world), little did he know that he also captured a phantom… or is it? You be the judge (and try to spot it yourselves!):

Most of Corregidor Island, so heavily devastated during World War II, is said to be haunted because thousands lost their lives there –Filipinos, Americans, and Japanese alike.

Arnaldo said that nobody is allowed to enter the premises. The ruins was totally empty. So what –or who– was that in the upper part of the ruins?

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  1. Two years ago we had a day tour of Corregidor. My wife wanted to stay there overnight and join the ghost haunting activity at the hospital ruins. Scary Glenn refused to stay overnight.

    yup I see the white image.



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