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Nervous for my abuela‘s condition…

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I’m at the office right now. In a few minutes, I’ll be meeting up with my wife Yeyette because we’re going to Makati Medical Center to visit my beloved abuela Norma Évora vda. de Alas. We received a text message from my dad a few days ago. He said that she had a bad fall and got fractured in the hip — that’s her second fall in just a few months! And she’s turning 80 this May. She doesn’t move nor speak anymore according to an auntie of mine who’s in Italy. And she couldn’t eat anymore, according to dad. I really have no idea what her actual condition is. But dad said it’s better if I pay her a visit because she could be gone anytime soon. He added that she might be operated if she ever recovers. From what? That is what I have to find out. But for now, there’s a big and frightened question mark inside my head. Please pray for her quick recovery…


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  1. I whispered a prayer for her speedy recovery. God will take the best care of her Pepe…



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