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Manny and Andy: “unabashed” similarities?

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Manny and Andy in Cambál sa Uma.

Don’t they look sweet?

Could it be that “Wealthy” Manny and “Psycho” Andy are biological siblings? Could it be that they have the same liking for overripe bananas? And not only do they have similarities in countenance — if circulating rumors are true, they might also have similarities in political ties.

“I have never talked to President Arroyo and the First Gentleman. I have never been to Syria. I have never been to the house of [Mike] Defensor,” Villar said in denying the rumors.

And I’ve never heard him as defensive as before.

In a publicized meeting, he also blurted with sarcasm: “I was supposed to have slept in the house of Ampatuans before the massacre.” He then shook his head and smiled before adding an emphatic “Wow!”

Yeah, wow. And another WOW to the photos above of their calm and innocent-looking faces.


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