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A song “dedicated” to the People Power Revolution

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Today we commemorate the 24th anniversary of the world-famous (some claim it’s also miraculous) EDSA or People Power Revolution. Through this one-of-a-kind bloodless revolution, the Filipinos were able to gain back a lost democracy after years of crony capitalism and martial law.

But after EDSA, have we really recovered from our despondent state? Has the Philippines really regained a democracy which is true and beneficial to all? Or better yet, is democracy even suitable to a nation which, in my opinion, appears to be more suited or akin to a different form of government principally because the Philippines was ruled under a monarchial form of government (many refer to it as a repressive colonialism) for more than three centuries?

Twenty-four years after EDSA, we still have a lot of questions unanswered that needs to be addressed if we are to redeem our country from poverty and lack of self-respect.

Happy EDSA to all of us?

The following reggae music by Filipino rock band The Jerks (formed in the year of my birth) explains the failure of EDSA in a rather poetic manner:


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