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Spread the love! Malate love! PT. 6 (Malate, Manila)

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Malate love!

Ships line up the horizon.

Against the Manila sunlight.

♪ All these happy people, where do they all come from? ♫

Urban tropics.


Manila street art.

Weeping over their incarceration.

Early morning fishing.


Badminton by the bay.

The ubiquitous buco juice!

Low tide.

This should have been a lovely sight -- if not for the sludge and garbage.

A sight to behold -- and to pity for. =(

Posing near a news-hungry, one-legged old timer.

1322. Yeyette is so enamored with this building. She wants to have a space for us there soon!

A two-week infant!

I remember a cousin who has been to other countries telling me that beaches there fronting urban areas are still clean and enchanting. What we have here is a national embarassment. Is this such a big problem for the national government to fix?

My wife deploring this travesty of nature.

It's extremely disappointing to see these young Manileños enjoying a place that is very harmful to their health. But where else can they go with a meager budget? Many Manileños are still poor. Indeed, we have one of the stupidest and inutile governments in the planet in terms of environmental protection (among others). Tsk.

This coming May elections, we should vote for those who will prioritize the utmost and SINCERE conservation and protection of our environment and natural resources. I emphasized the word SINCERE. Ergo, it means NOT Loren Legarda.

¿Baquit di natin pag-isipan | Ang nañgyayari sa ating capaliguiran | Hindí na masamâ ang pag-unlád | Cung hindí nacacasira ng calicasan ♪ (taken from the song MASDÁN MÓ ANG CAPALIGUIRAN by Filipino folk band Asin)

A heartrending scene, at least for my wife and I: children as young as our own kids playing in a polluted beach sand. Indeed, our children's generation will face a much bigger challenge in the very near future. It's bigger than famine, bigger than war, even bigger than strife -- the destruction of our ecological systems. This is the only planet we have got. Thus, we have to put a stop to this utter disrespect to nature. SERIOUSLY, the pollution of our environment should be considered as a heinous crime. We have to spread the love not only toward each other. We should spread our love toward nature as well.

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  1. this is a wonderful post about the charming old Malate and romatic baywalk. sayang mayor lim removed the quaint stalls along Baywalk.


  2. Hello Glenn!

    Oo ngâ, eh. Buti pa si Arnaldo Arnáiz, naabutan yung mga quioscos na yun. Pero parang mabuti na rin yun casí lumuwág na ulít ang explanada ng Bahía de Manila.

    Thanks for dropping by! I feel so honored, really!

    Best regards!



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