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The Manny Villar zarzuela

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This time, Villar gets the upper hand…

Villar shows up at Senate, denies raps, then leaves

Senator Manny Villar pulled off a surprise on Tuesday when he suddenly showed up at the Senate to deny the charges against him over the C-5 road project controversy.

But Villar, who stood up in the plenary and delivered a privilege speech, refused to entertain questions from his colleagues and left the session hall after his hour-long rhetoric.

“I stand before the Senate in defense of my name, my honor, my dignity against my accusers in the so called C-5 controversy. To set the record straight and to prove to the senator, who called me coward, na hindi ako duwag [that I am not a coward]. Wala pong duwag na taga-Tondo [No one from Tondo is a coward]!” he said in his speech.

Villar said he stood up to prove to everybody that he was neither a “coward” nor a “liar.”

“Mr. President, I was condemned without the benefit of a fair trial. Alam ko namang hindi ako titigilan. Yan ang dahilan, Mr. President, kaya ayaw kong sumali sa sarswelang ito na ikinubli sa tawag na imbestigasyon [I know that they won’t stop. This is the reason, Mr. President, why I don’t want to join this zarzuela that they call an investigation].”

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  1. We all acknowledge NoyNoy is by far the most reasonable preference for the presidency in the Philippines, certainly not mainly because he is the boy of heroes Cory and Benigno Aquino but because he is the less significant evil amongst the candidates. For sure we are able to mention concerning the Hacienda Luisita killings but in the end of the day his oppositions have much a whole lot worse records. He stays genuine to his anti-corruption campaign, plus between the others vying for presidency he doesn’t always have corruption issues. We met him once on a get together, this individual appears so nice and razor-sharp and let me add a perfect guy too.



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