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The battle lines will soon be drawn…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about launching a party list group to advocate for the full return of the Spanish language. Not just in schools, but in the national government. However, comrade Arnaldo Arnáiz‘s skepticism toward something political is beginning to discourage me as well. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it will not push through.

Admittedly, it’s going to be a tough ride to achieve such a feat. We’re virtual unknowns, we neither have the political machinery (i.e., funds) nor enough number of supporters, and we’re beholden to wage slavery which eats up our time. And worse, I even fear that there could only be three of us (with Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera) who share the same line of thinking; we’re not very much sure with José Miguel García yet because, although we’re readers of his PATRIA, we really haven’t talked to him nor seen him in person. We still have to consolidate our thoughts. And we think that Traveler On Foot (who recently pledged support to our advocacy via email) still needs to be “lectured” more on what Filipino identity is all about (this popular blogger’s got full potential).

This lonely war that we’re waging is not merely confined to the struggle for the Spanish language cause in the Philippines. That is just the tip of the iceberg. We consider ourselves as iconoclasts. We go against bigoted and twisted versions of Philippine History, originating particularly from hispanophobic UP professors and instructors (including US-centric walking tour guides who are trying to distort the way you look at Manila — one step at a time), from what Arnaldo calls the “Agoncillo standard” (taken from Teodoro Agoncillo’s myopic and infantile viewpoints on Philippine history). And I even go a step further to declare that –despite Fernando Ziálcita’s objection to it– Christianity and the study of Philippine History should go together, that they are inseparable, that the other one could not go against the other.

In the long run, we would end up going against those who attack our faith no matter how hard we try to distance ourselves from it. As written in my Spanish blog

…Filipinas es, en realidad, una creación española… una gran creación española. Y me atrevo a decir que la reunión entre España y Filipinas es una fuerza mayor increíble. Una obra milagrosa de Dios

He may be our national hero (and I have the highest respect for my tocayo), but his views weren't always rational. And he himself admitted to that.

The greatest paradox this side of the nationalist cosmos would be to defend our Spanish past while assaulting the Catholic Church (which I erroneously did from 2003 to 2004) at the same time. Now, what is hilariously upsetting is to find people on the internet parading the legacy of our national hero, José Rizal, to simply suit to their pseudo-intellectual braggadocio without even knowing who Rizal really was or what he was fighting for. These individuals proudly appear in dailies and radio shows harping about “rationality” here and “godlessness/agnosticism” there, implying that it is “cool to be a freethinker”, and alleging that the Catholic Church is a “destructive force” that needed to be brought down. They take pride being tagged as the “new Filibusters”, wittingly or unwittingly pretending to be the noble saviors of those who are still “wallowing in ignorance” wrought about by an alleged Catholic despotism. I may cry.

These irrational filibusteros keep on whining about Catholic faults and failures. But Arnaldo wisely observed that they are exactly the fruits of what they claim to be as Catholic errors.

Something’s gotta give. They’re looking for war. We’ll give ’em one.

This we swear: the battle lines will soon be drawn. Just wait and see…

The mist is rising.


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  1. Line in the Sand

    I wonder what’s your ultimate objective: A hispanophone theocracy, perhaps?


  2. Oye.

    I wonder who that US centric tour guide is? Hmmm.

    Besos y Abrazos, Amigo.


  3. And oh by the way, this morning, presidential candidate Teodoro said Spanish should be brought back into schools as optional language. We should bring back the Philippine facility for speaking Spanish.

    Do you think that’s a good thing? I do.

    And by the way, come back to the tour. The script has changed. As do most artworks that are in development. Sorry if I offended your Spanish sensibilities when you were on the tour a few years ago. You just might find the latest version of the script more to your liking.

    Cheers, cono
    Carlos :o)


    • Teodoro’s statement is good news for all of us. Let us just hope that he will do something to bring it back not merely as a school subject but where the language should rightfully belong: as part of our patrimony. It must become once again a co-official language of the country vis-a-vis English and Tagalog.


      • “And by the way, come back to the tour. The script has changed. As do most artworks that are in development. Sorry if I offended your Spanish sensibilities when you were on the tour a few years ago. You just might find the latest version of the script more to your liking.”

        Obviously, you have a different person in mind. I haven’t attended any of your tours. But I’ve seen clips in YouTube and heard experiences from people who have joined your rather interesting walks.



  4. But this is me just trying to talk to you nicely.

    If you really wanna bring it on. Then bring it. I don’t have to play nice all the time.


    • Hmmm… it’s interesting to note your sudden change of temperament. I’m surprised, really.

      “But this is me just trying to talk to you nicely.” — To TRY is to EXERT EFFORT. Don’t waste too much of it on me.

      The ball’s right in your hands, ese



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