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I’m at the office right now. Our shift ends at 7:00 AM. Afterwards, we go to Unisan, Quezon, my father’s hometown.

With me are my son Momay (my father’s favorite grandchild; he took care of him when he was still an infant) and fellow propagandist (and officemate) Arnaldo Arnáiz. Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera was supposed to be with us, but declined at the last minute because of a very important meeting with some people from the Spanish Embassy. Popular blogger Traveler On Foot also couldn’t make it.

The mission: to take pictures of the town’s remaining bahay na bató before they are all obliterated into oblivion. And in that town, it’s highly possible. A heinous act was made on the Maxino mansion, said to be Unisan’s oldest bahay na bató, a few years ago. Recently, I heard that the Vera Cruz house was demolished as well (I hope it’s not true).

I first took pictures of old houses there back in December of 2006 with my sister Jennifer. The trip resulted in a very controversial blogpost when I was still writing for Skirmisher. It’s because I was harrassed by a certain SPO3 Danny Medina and other police pigs.

The digital camera I used belonged to my siblings. I left Unisan without being able to have the photos developed. I just told my mom that I’d get them soon. A few weeks later, I heard that she lent the photos to one of my dad’s cousins (an Évora) who brought them to the US. I never heard of the photos since then.

Sayang. Those photos were awesome. I’ve taken pictures of all the remaining bahay na bató, including those that were already abandoned. I hope that I could still see them. But I can never be sure.

That’s why I have to do this again. Take pictures of the town, document it in my blogs, write a brief history about it.

It’s 2010. I also need some closure to what had transpired back in 2006.

Generally, Unisan –called Calilayan a long time ago– is not really a dangerous place to visit.


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