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Real estate corruption near Philippine volcanoes?

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Thousands of Bicolanos are being evacuated everyday since Mayón Volcano showed signs of imminent eruption a few days ago. This mass evacuation happens every time that Mayón –or any active Philippine volcano at that– is about to erupt. These residents, not excluding their government officials, never learn.

In the first place, why setup residence or even farm within an active volcano’s danger zone? And isn’t there any government policy or ordinance to ban real estate groups from buying and selling properties that are near such volcanoes? I believe the case is not the same with other countries that have active volcanoes. Are there any posh residences and lush farmlands around Mauna Loa, Krakatoa, Mt. Etna, and Merapi? Just in case there are, isn’t it foolish to immitate such a practice?

In Tagaytay, Cavite, one will be able to witness this kind of foolishness. High-end residences such as Crosswinds Tagaytay, Tagaytay Highlands, Royal Pines West, etc., have been sprouting over the past few years. Not that I have anything against a bustling economy. But why sell residential units near a volcanic danger zone?

The biggest question is: why does our government allow this?

To say that 1977 was the last time Taal Volcano erupted is a foolish excuse. Many thought that Mt. Pinatubo was an extinct volcano. And when it suddenly woke up last 1991, the whole world was shaken.

Is there a real estate corruption near Philippine volcanoes?

Common sense dictates that it is not a good idea to buy and sell properties near an active volcano. Yet our government allows this. What a political sham.

Would it still be a thumbs up for the residents of Tagaytay when Taal Volcano suddenly explodes? I don't think so.


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  2. Desearia recibir esta noticia sobre el Volcan Mayo en Castellano para poder dejar mi mensaje, amigo Pepe Alas de Filipinas


  3. Desearia recibir esta noticia sobre el Volcán Mayon en idioma Español o Castellano para poder dejar mi mensaje, amigo Pepe Alas de Filipinas


  4. what about the poverty stricken residents that squat on the island because they can’t live anywhere else? think goverent should step in and let them live with less than they already have? how can there be initiative for such
    action when the people themselves are well aware and the population is so large and the space so little. think it would be different if the case was india?



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