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Another ambush strengthens support for Martial Law in embattled Maguindanáo

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The newstory below sounds awfully familiar…

Convoy bearing massacre evidence ambushed

Suspected followers of the Ampatuan clan in Maguindanáo ambushed a military and police convoy Thursday night as it headed for General Santos City with evidence in the Nov. 23 massacre that the authorities collected in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanáo, police said.

Senior Supt. Willie Dangane, Cotabato City police director and deputy Task Force 12 Alpha, was on board a Toyota Altis police car with evidence recovered from the mansion of Andal Ampatuan Sr. in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanáo’s provincial capital, when three men standing at a road side opened fire with M-16 rifles at about 8 p.m.

With Dangane in the car was Chief Supt. Felicísimo Khu, chief of the Central Mindanáo police. Neither official was hurt in the firing.

As of this writing, there is still no resolution over Arroyo’s questionable Martial Law declaration. It is still being debated in Congress.

But if we are to compare this sad current event to the first Martial Law imposed by ex-strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the abovementioned ambush on the military and police convoy in Maguindanáo would be questionable, too.

Remember what happened to then Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile on the night of 22 September 1972? He was also “ambushed” on his way home to his posh Dasmariñas Village home in Macati City. According to government reports, it was perpetrated by “communist terrorists”. Fortunately for Enrile, he escaped unharmed. And ironically, he’s now the Senate President presiding over the first joint Congress (together with House Speaker Próspero Nograles) which discusses the validity of Martial Law in Maguindanáo.

Prior to the Enrile “attack”, communist insurgency and student left activism have been giving the dictator a lot of headache. So upon hearing of the “ambush”, an angry President Marcos called the attack on his Sancho Panza “the last straw”. He then proceeded to sign Proclamation 1081 placing the entire Philippines under military rule, officially (and more popularly) known as Martial Law.

What happened next was one of the darkest periods in Philippine History.

Years later, when the people rebelled against Marcos in the now famous 1986 People Power Revolution, the beans were spilled. Together with then Vice Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Fidel Ramos (who later on became the 12th President of the Philippines), Enrile admitted to members of the press that the 1972 ambush was fake — it was staged for the sole purpose of declaring Martial Law, a vile scheme to arrest all those who opposed Marcos’ rule! It turned out that Enrile and Ramos were part of the infamous and mysterious “Rolex 12”, the group of military advisers who had helped Marcos plan Martial Law.

Could it be possible that yesterday’s “ambush” against the military and the police carrying evidence against the Ampatuan clan is simply a ploy, a fake, a farcical tactic of the hated Arroyo regime? The dubious Martial Law imposed in Maguindanáo is in grave danger of being revoked by lawmakers. The modern “Rolex 12” surrounding La Petite Demoiselle will do anything to prove the legitimacy of Martial Law in Maguindanáo.

In the first place, why declare Martial Law just now? If veritable, the writ of habeas corpus should’ve been declared in Muslim Mindanáo a long time ago. Remember that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been wreaking havoc in that area. And before them, there was the Moro National Liberation Front. But never was Martial law imposed. Why?

Isn’t it that the Ampatuan clan helped Arroyo “win” in the controversial 2004 Philippine National Elections? Filipino hero and legend, Fernando Poe, Jr. lost heavily in Maguindanáo, the Ampatuan clan’s stronghold. And that election loss in the said province is something quite unthinkable even up to now since the King of Philippine Cinema is very popular all over Mindanáo.

Isn’t it that Maguindanáo is also at the center of the Hello Garci maelström?

It appears that the pieces of the puzzle are starting to show up one by one, creating a clearer picture of today’s corruption. The smoke is starting to clear. And Arroyo is having a hard time fanning the flames to cover up her fake presidential @$$.

These people who are bloody drunk with wealth in power — don’t they realize that they are not forever?


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