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The Ampatuan clan seems to be ALWAYS prepared for war

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WTF is this?!

As part of the ongoing investigation of the Maguindanáo Massacre, the compound of the powerful Ampatuan clan was recently raided by the military. And look what they’ve found!

Among the weapons recovered were one or more of the following:

90RR (recoiless rifle)


60-millimeter mortar

M60 machineguns

81-mm mortar



50-caliber barret


Bushmaster 5.56

Browning automatic rifle

Fusil automatique léger

M14 rifle

9-mm pistols

.45 caliber pistol

Assorted ammunition: much like chocolates for the Ampatuans?

Aside from the evil faces of their executioners, these weapons could be among the last objects that the Maguindanáo Massacre victims saw before their lives were snuffed out of their bodies.

So what is this clan up to? And are these the kind of public servants that the ARMM has, using terror and sowing fear as a means of governance?

If these firearms do belong to the Ampatuan clan, it only proves what a bunch of COWARDS they are.


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