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Love in the time of Maguindanáo Massacre

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And now, a tearjerker amidst the massacre.

One of the slain journalists in the infamous Maguindanáo Massacre was wed to his lover in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, yesterday. It was attended family members and friends. The wedding symbolized that the couple’s love for each other is beyond death.

Not even deadly violence could ever tear their love for each other apart...

Argie Gulipato said that her wedding to 30-year-old journalist John Caniban of Periódico Iní was a “dream come true.” They’ve been live-in partner for years. And Argie just gave birth to a girl eight months ago. They’ve actually been planning to wed this month.

During the wedding, officiated by a Born Again Christian group, tears were rolling down the faces of those in attendance as the white-gowned bride walked down the aisle towards the altar where her groom was waiting for her — inside a coffin.

“During the wedding ceremonies that I presided, we witness vows being made as we pray for the couples. But Argie and John’s case was different. This was my first time,” said Pastor Ed Gabuat. “I was crying. I just can’t look at the couple.”

Gabuat has been a pastor for 20 years. He said it was the first time he performed such kind of a wedding.

After the wedding, there were no more festivities. No merriment. No slicing of cakes and dances and drinking. No honeymoon followed.

John went straight to his final resting place: a cemetery in Isulan town.

At the very least, love never breathed its last…


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  1. Oh man, this is sad.



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