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The Philippines is named as one of the 25 Best New Travel Destinations in the World!

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And now for the as-rare-as-Imelda-Marcos good news…

National Geographic names RP one of best new travel destinations in the world

The National Geographic Magazine had named the Philippines as “One of 25 Best New Travel Destinations in the World in 2010” and the country’s ancient cultures, structures and biodiversity were cited as key reasons to visit the archipelago.

The magazine said in its November 2009 Adventure issue that the Philippines has “as many islands as the Caribbean and some of the most spectacular reefs on the planet,” adding that travel organizations have “finally gotten wise.”

National Geographic presented the “25 brand new adventures, all of them just right for right now.” The list is directed at “travelers who want their dollars to do more – for others, for the planet and for themselves.”

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Willy Gaa said the inclusion of the Philippines in the list shows the global community is “taking note of the natural and cultural wonders in the country as well as the efforts to protect and preserve them.”

This is so true!!!


I will certainly not exchange this for any place else, come hell or high water!


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  1. It is about time. Our wonders are better than many over-exposed destinations in the world.



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