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Daily Archives: November 3, 2009

Le Cerge scolds the media for airing a captive Fr. Sinnott.

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Le Cerge is making some sense here…

Malacañang raps media on priest’s video show

Malacañang on Sunday asked media not to give what it called “propaganda mileage” to the kidnappers of Irish missionary Fr. Michael Sinnott.

The Palace was reacting to the airing of the video showing the 79-year-old priest identifying his abductors and saying they were demanding $2 million in exchange for his freedom.

“We appeal to media not to give propaganda mileage to the terrorists holding Father Sinnott hostage for the good of the kidnapped priest and in order not to encourage similar barbaric acts,” Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said in a statement.

C'mon, guys. Le Cerge needs a break from time to time. Being an @$$ licker's not an easy job (but in this photo, he gets all the licking!).

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