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¡Halalan na! But before that…

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When the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe, Jr., was brazenly cheated in the 2004 Philippine National Elections, I swore to myself that I’ll never ever vote again. And I proudly tell this to everybody I meet who talks about politics.

But that’s one reason why the infamous adage “promises are made to be broken” was conceptualized. I think I have to eat my humble pie — I have to vote in the upcoming 2010 Philippine National Elections. I’ll do this not because my faith in the electoral process has returned. I’m doing this for a friend. And I believe this friend’s sincerity in his words. His “San Pedro 2020” vision is something that is promising and truly beneficial not only to his constituents in San Pedro, but something that all Lagunenses would be proud of.

I’m beginning to sound biased here. OK. So be it. But all I can say is this: like the way I chose my preferred candidates last 2004, I’ll go for the “lesser evil” in next year’s elections.

Besides, if politics is corrupt, local governments are less corrupt compared to the national government based in Malacañang Palace.

So to all those who want to waste their precious time, or to those who still have faith left in the electoral process, tomorrow is your last chance to register. Me and my wife went to the municipio this morning to register. But we were surprised by what we saw…

San Pedro, Laguna's Municipal staff attending to those who would like to become registered voters for next year's highly anticipated national elections.


Each San Pedrense is waiting for his/her turn to register because this is the second to the last day for registration.

The long queue. Tomorrow's the last day for registration.

The final days of registration are always crowded. Ang mga Filipino nga namán...

Wait a minute… tomorrow’s the last day to register. But something’s cooking in the Pacific…


Nature vs... politics?!

Typhoon Santi! Nature must be doing everything it can to delay next year’s elections. If it be true, I wonder why? (and I wonder why even wondered, LOL!).

Special thanks to mi amor, Yeyette Perey de Alas, FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES’ photographer for the day.


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  1. Thank God I’m here in Jeddah. Registering here is amazingly easy, there’s no queue here. Although I’m a little bit sad because the Filipino population here in Saudi Arabia is more than a million but only few registered.


  2. And because of yesterday’s typhoon, we weren’t able to register. Hindí co ngâ alám cung matútuwa acó o hindî, eh.



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