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Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

The Internet celebrates its 40th anniversary today!

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Happy 40th birthday to man’s greatest –and weirdest– invention: the Internet!!!

Birth of the Internet

Commemorative plaque of the birth of the Internet at the Leland Stanford Junior University.

It would already be superfluous if I write about the Internet’s history or its accomplishments. All I could write about is a supposition: what would’ve happened to modern Pinoy pop culture without the Internet?

There would have been no social networking like Friendster or Facebook or Multiply; there would have been no YouTube and the like (YouPorn?).

There would’ve been no MP3s and CD burning and music piracy (which is actually a good scenario).

The inmates of the Cebú Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (see the famous viral video below) would have remained dancing among themselves within the confines of their prison grounds and not for the world stage.

Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda would’ve been total unknowns wherever they go (putting famous rock band Journey on a neverending –you got that right– journey for a fitting vocalist).

Could we even survive without sex scandals?! Character actress and medical doctor Maricar Reyes would’ve remained a b!tc# behind the scenes, and fellow doctor Hayden Kho would’ve remained scotfree using hidden videos to record his sexual trysts with some of the hottest babes in town (it would’ve thus been a bane to the local porn industry, LOL!!!). Nothing more can be said or written about Katrina Halili.

Articles and photos for the hugely popular Flesh Asia Daily 3.0 would’ve been distributed in pamphlets, as if they’re leftist literature, LOL!!!

Of course, who can ever forget Mark Lápid’s obnoxious “saging lang ang may puso” movie clip?

Willie Revillamé would’ve remained verbally unstoppable and more arrogant without the online petition to oust him from multimedia giant ABS-CBN.

And then we also have some acts of journalism/heroism, such as the recent controversy between Blog ni Ella and Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Esperanza Cabral.

And I just wonder what Manolo Quezon III (a prolific blogger and political analyst) would do with the extra hours that will be left behind when going online remained but just a fevered dream.

And the worse thing that could ever happen without the Internet: there would been no FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES and no ALAS FILIPINAS.

Indeed, without the internet, life could have been a total bore to computer geeks.

But this doesn’t mean that the Internet’s nonexistence would’ve made life miserable. Of course not. Just as the best things in life are free, the best literature ever written –be it dissertations or novels or historical literature– are still those that required painstaking research. Something that doesn’t require a click of the mouse, something that will require you to literally turn pages from thick tomes.

Information back then may not be as fast and readily available compared to what the internet can do. But the conditions and the environment of long time ago paved the way for the conceptualization and eventual creation of the Internet.

See you in the next 40 years, Mr. Internet!

Just don’t take over our minds.

What if my brain's connected to the Internet through wires? Man! I'd be swishing inside your servers! That would be awesome!

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