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Gibo-Gwen tandem: a powerhouse duo? Says who?

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Gilbert Teodoro has Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng to thank for. Because of these tempests, he’s all over the news helping out the victims. An added plus for his presidential campaign.

Because if not for these typhoons, he would have been just another candidate.

Now comes his surprising choice for his veep:

Gibo-Gwen tandem emerging for Lakas

The tandem of Lakas-Kampi standard-bearer Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia for the 2010 elections is emerging as negotiations for what the administration sees as a powerhouse team-up are nearing the homestretch, officials said yesterday.

A highly placed source privy to the talks said the negotiations to have Garcia as the Lakas-Kampi-CMD’s vice presidential candidate have reached “the crucial stage and an announcement would be made anytime soon.”

The ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD is expected to hold its national convention on Nov. 12 in Cebu where the party is set to formalize the selection of Teodoro and his running mate for the 2010 elections.

“It was Gibo (Teodoro’s nickname) who really wanted Gwen, and she was the real target,” the source said amid reports that the ruling party was wooing either Sen. Loren Legarda of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) or Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos to be the defense chief’s running mate.

“This is a powerhouse team. They are both young and well-experienced executives with good credentials and track record. Together, that counts a lot for the reconstruction and reform in the country,” the official said.

Gibô Teodoro seems to be in a quandary.

Gibô Teodoro seems to be in a quandary.

A powerhouse team?

In a country where popularity in surveys counts so much, this is no powerhouse team at all. Aside from being the governess of historic Cebú island, who in the blue hell is Gwen?

Only time will tell. And if they ever win in the upcoming 2010 Philippine National Elections (very possible since this hapless country of ours is still under the chains of US imperialism and its local lackeys), a big question mark will be placed on top of the victory marquee of this so-called “powerhouse team”.


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