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Now you’re angry again…

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The people closest to my heart. They know this very, very well…

I don’t like it when I’m angry. And that’s exactly what they feel, too.

I had a violent and painful past; I attribute this ill-feeling to those horrible days. That chapter of my pathetic youth haunts me up to this very day. I don’t like it. But sometimes, sometimes…

It is helpful.

Blithely, I take advantage of it to add more intensity and poignancy to metaphor and hyperbole.

Now I’m very angry to even write something significant today. And I will not pour myself into details anymore since it will only “glorify” the vile one who made me feel much rage that I haven’t felt in years (aaahhh, many thanks)…

This kind of burning, this anger, is a gift… (with extreme apologies to Ophelia Dimalanta and Zach de la Rocha).

Is there anything else as blindingly burdensome than rage?

I’m sorry, Wifey. I guess my anger management will have to take a back seat.

My enemies virtually have no idea how SICK my mind can be…



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  1. oh, yeah. i remember once when you were angry with you know who. kinda scary.

    Don’t you think Zach’s a genius? 🙂


    • Hahaha! You still remember that! Yeah, I’m thankful that you and Pedro were there; I almost went blind with rage over what “you know who” did to me. Hahaha!


  2. Pardon me but… Is it A.S. who made you angry?


    • No, it’s not that monkey, hehehe! “A.S.” doesn’t make me angry — he makes me sick to the stomach.

      This person who made me angry is actually an officemate of mine. We even made a scene last night, hahaha! It was so hilarious. I’d really love to beat that officemate, but I couldn’t because that person is virtually helpless and simply all talk.

      Anyways, this person is going to resign tonight. And almost everybody in the office was elated when they learned about the good news (because this person is our company’s villain).

      All’s well that end’s well. There will be peace at long last. That is what I want in the first place. =)


  3. You might get confused if you see “Pepe” there. It’s not you who commented on yourself , it’s me J. “Pepe” Villanueva Cabrera. I really enjoy reading your blog.



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