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Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Now you’re angry again…

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The people closest to my heart. They know this very, very well…

I don’t like it when I’m angry. And that’s exactly what they feel, too.

I had a violent and painful past; I attribute this ill-feeling to those horrible days. That chapter of my pathetic youth haunts me up to this very day. I don’t like it. But sometimes, sometimes…

It is helpful.

Blithely, I take advantage of it to add more intensity and poignancy to metaphor and hyperbole.

Now I’m very angry to even write something significant today. And I will not pour myself into details anymore since it will only “glorify” the vile one who made me feel much rage that I haven’t felt in years (aaahhh, many thanks)…

This kind of burning, this anger, is a gift… (with extreme apologies to Ophelia Dimalanta and Zach de la Rocha).

Is there anything else as blindingly burdensome than rage?

I’m sorry, Wifey. I guess my anger management will have to take a back seat.

My enemies virtually have no idea how SICK my mind can be…


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