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¡Feliz Día De La Hispanidad!

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Banderas de los países que hablan castellano.

Banderas de los países que hablan castellano.

Today, alongside with our Spanish-speaking brothers from around the globe, the Philippines should be celebrating el Día De La Hispanidad (Day of the Hispanic World). Other Spanish-speaking countries are greeting one another. But what about our country?

This is the first and last time I’ll say this on my blog: for all her, uh, “relentless efforts” in bringing back the Spanish language to our country, Spanish-speaking La Gloria sucks big time. For all eternity.

¡Viva Jesli Lapus!

¡Feliz Día De La Hispanidad!

¡Viva la raza!


Below is a list of well-known Spanish-speaking people (local and foreign, both alive and those who already passed away). They speak (spoke) the language either as primary or acquired/learned:

Jon Achaval
Ben Affleck
Christina Aguilera
Pepe Alas (hehehe!)
Jessica Alba
Marc Anthony
Antonio Banderas
Marco Antonio Barrera
Durao Barroso (President of the European Union)
David Beckham
Ruben Blades
John Bon Jovi
Kobe Bryant
Jeb Bush
Niñez Cacho de Olivares
Roberto Carlos
Raffaella Carra
Dyan Castillejo
Ricardo Chavira
Roberto Clemente
Carlito Colón
Francis Ford Coppola
Pilita Corrales
Gemma Cruz de Araneta
Lula da Silva (President of Brazil)
Matt Damon
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Maggie de la Riva
Zach de la Rocha
Howie Dorough
Zack Efron
Héctor Elizondo
Gloria Estefan
Emilio Estevez
Jaime Fábregas
Giselle Fernández
Miguel Ferrer
América Ferrara
Amalia Fuentes
Nelly Furtado
Peque Gallaga
Andy García
Cheska García
Eddie García
Lilian García
Patrick García
Selena Gómez
Guillermo Gómez Rivera
José Marí González
Isabel Granada
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Hassan II (King of Morocco)
Salma Hayek
Rita Hayworth
Terence Hill
Enrique Iglesias
Nick Joaquín
Marra Lánot
Tommy Lee Jones
Raúl Julia
John Kerry
Lorenzo Lamas
Ronnie Lázaro
John Leguizamo
Lindsay Lohan
Eva Longoria
Jennifer López
Nancy López
Sophia Loren (Italian actress)
Tony Mabesa
Edu Manzano
Imee Marcos
Ricky Martín
Olivier Martínez (French actor)
Matthew McConaughey
A.J. McLean
Eva Mendes
César Montano
Érik Morales
Rey Misterio, Jr.
Ricardo Montalbán
Manuel Morato
German Moreno
Rita Moreno
Viggo Mortensen
Barack Obama
Edward James Olmos
Gwyneth Paltrow
Laura Pausini
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II
Isabel Preysler
Anthonny Quinn
Eros Ramazzotti
Jean Reno (French actor)
Alejandro Roces
Michelle Rodríguez
Robert Rodríguez
César Romero
Alberto Rómulo
Cristiano Ronaldo
Linda Ronstadt
Loretta “Etta” Rosales
Sarkozy (President of France)
Omar Shariff (Egyptian actor)
Charlie Sheen
Martin Sheen
Domingo Siázon
Will Smith
Jimmy Smits
Solana (1st European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy)
Máximo Soliven
Bud Spencer
Sharon Stone
Emma Thompson
Dayanara Torres
Lee Trevino
Katherine Turner
Val Venis
Richie Valens
Elizabeth Vargas
Rachel Welch
Daniella Zicarelli
Zinedine Zidane

I didn’t include Speedy Gonzáles because he’s a cartoon character. But yes, I believe he’s the best hispanohablante of them all!

¡Qué tengan un buen día!


El Mes Español — A List Of Spanish-speaking Celebrities In The Philippines Today
¡Obama habla español! ¿pura retórica o una nueva política?
Spanish speaking celebrities


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  1. León Antón Herrero

    Tommy Lee Jones.
    Pau Gasol.
    Benicio del Toro.
    Demis Roussos.
    Plácido Domingo.
    Manuel Elkin Patarroyo.
    Manny Pacquiao.
    Salma Hayek.
    Juan José Linz.
    Alfred Molina.
    Irene Papas.
    Edwin Lozada.
    Ed Farolán Romero.
    Nana Mouskouri.
    Michael Bloomberg (learning).
    Will Smith (learning).
    Vincent Pérez.
    Benedictvs XVI.
    Bill Richardson.
    Laura Pausini.
    Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pelé).
    Y muchos más…


  2. Why are the Putragis and Brazilnut flags in the picture? They’re damn Lusophones, not Hispanoparlantes.


  3. why is the Philippines not celebrating it? Because we no longer speak the language that the Kastila deprived us to learn in the past. And… uhh… we’re Asians not Latinos.




    • Good morning.

      The Philippines is not celebrating the Día de la Hispanidad because wrong governmental (and pro-US neocolonialism) policies have subtly forced us to forget who we really are. And hey, the “Kastilà” did not deprive the Spanish language from us Filipinos perse. To make a long story short (and to make it more simpler), it was the friars who didn’t want the natives to learn the Castilian language because they didn’t want Filipinos to learn anti-Christian literature in that same tongue.

      And yes, many Filipinos did speak the Castillian language. The Ford Report during the early 1900s attests to that.

      Geographically/politically speaking, you are correct: we are Asians. No argument about that. But by blood and by race, we are Latinos. We do not need the Spanish language to stay away from that racial fact.

      As I always say to hispanophobes: RELEARN YOUR HISTORY. Reexamine what was taught to you in the classrooms.

      What was José Rizal’s primary language again? LOL!!!



  4. idol, watch this vid: President Manuel Quezon Tells Filipinos What They Must Do

    Go @ 3:02

    was surprised when he spoked the language that you want to be revived in the Philippines.



  5. Thank you very much, Inu! I checked the video already. It’s marvelous. In fact, I wrote something about it here:


  6. Vietnam celebrates Francophone Day and it is an offocial member of the L’Organisation international de la Francophonie.

    Only a couple thousand speak French in Vietnam and it’s only a French olony for 100 years yet it celebrates French Day!

    Philippines, on the other hand, is not a member of the Hispanidad and does not celebrate Hispanicism Day!

    Aroudn 3 million Filipinos speak Spanish, a Spanish colony for 333 years, not a member of Hispandiad nor does it want to celebrate Hispanicism Day.

    Does it mean that Vietnamese people must be French then? No.

    Then what gives with Philippines not joining or celebrating Hispanidad.


    • Vietnam doesn’t celebrate French day lol I’m Vietnamese and we don’t really care about France since they didnt have strong influences in our language and culture, only a few words mostly names of food, fashion and other things that they introduced like cars. The French colonization was different from the Spanish, they only bribed the upper class to support them and dint bother withthe rest, overtime the peasants got fed up with the rich elites cooperating with the french to exploit them so they had a revolution where they killed alll landowners and rich elites and defeated the French. So history is different for Vietnam and the Philippines cos you guys have Spanish names and Spanish culture but we don’t have much from the French so it was just viewed as a part of our history
      we have more influences from the Chinese but we don’t really relate to china, we only talk about china when they were disputing the islands with us lol



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