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Nuestra Señora Del Santíssimo Rosario De La Naval De Manila

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Today we celebrate the feast of Nuestra Señora Del Santissimo Rosario De La Naval De Manila. The miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin is of course in Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City (and Nick Joaquín’s National Artist medal is underneath her feet). But may we never forget Her original home…

La Iglesia de Santo Domingo. Destroyed both by the Japanese and (especially) the Americans. A double crime.


Intramuros will never ever be complete without her original seven churches. And that includes La Iglesia de Santo Domingo.


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  1. if i became a billionaire i will rebuild that church so beautiful!!! i am proud to be filipino


  2. i guess you have the same passion as me restoring our beautiful filipino heritage. do not tear it down restore it. i love architecture.


  3. my sister just got married in san sebastian and all i did the entire ceremony was admire the church. lolz



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