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After Typhoon Ondoy Comes Typhoon Pepeng. Drats — It’s Not Yet 2012, Is It?

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How I'd love to poke that eye.

How I'd love to poke that eye.

A weather forecast is a weather forecast. We’ll really never know what’s going to happen until we’re already in that situation. But it’s better to be always prepared.

According to weather pundits, Typhoon Pepeng (puta, halos capañgalan co pá) is just moments away from hitting Eastern Visayas (or is it within the archipelago already?). It has a maximum sustained winds of 135 kilometers per hour (kph) near the center — gustiness may even reach up to 160 kph! And worse, it might go northwest toward Metro Manila and Luzón, the very site which Typhoon Ondoy ravaged last Saturday. Much of Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces are still devastated from the damage wrought by Ondoy; many places are still underwater. And now comes Pepeng?

Typhoon Pepeng may land any minute from now. It’s already 1:20 PM here in San Pedro, La Laguna, but it looks as if it’s already 6:00 PM. However, it doesn’t feel humid although the sun’s blotted by threatening rain clouds. Nevertheless, we still have to be prepared. Who would’ve expected that Typhoon Ondoy will pour a month’s rainfall in just a few hours?

And aside from Typhoon Pepeng, I heard that there’s another weather disturbance occuring somewhere in the Pacific. Or was it two? Tsk.

So to all Filipinos in the country who read this, store in as much canned goods / groceries as you can, and fill up water containers to the brim. Power supplies usually follow during a heavy rain. Prepare your candles, but it’s advisable to use flashlights instead since they come in handy.

And speaking of electricity, always charge your cellphone batteries. Cristine Reyes cellphone did the trick for her. It helped her save her life, as well as her loved ones’, who were with her on top of their roof during the flash flood in Marikina City.

Remember to also keep telephone numbers of organizations concerned with emergeny situations.

Of course, it is wise to store enough medicine. Remember to put your first aid kit in a place where it’s easy for you to reach. Just keep them out of your kiddos’ reach.

Update the status of your liquefied petroleum gas. Bacá malapit na paláng maúbos.

DO NOT CLOG YOUR DRAINAGE, WHETHER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE! These killer flash floods which wreaked havoc across the metropolis is mainly because of garbage which has clogged many esteros and other public waterways (I’ll try to write about this in the near future).

And last but not the least…


We’ll get through all of this murkiness. Trust me. The Filipino is a survivor. Nosotros sobreviviremos. =)


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  1. Amen to this…good post..


  2. yahh typhoon …pepeng ..disturb our kabuhayan..


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