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Vicki Belo vs Facebook User: A First!

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The first Facebook libel case happened in the United Kingdom. Businessman Mathew Firsht sued a former school friend over a false personal profile status on the site, including private information about him and untrue allegations about his sexual preferences.

But the first Facebook libel case in the world where the complainant does not even belong to the defendant’s network of Facebook friends is happening right here, right now in the Philippines:

MANILA, Philippines – The camp of celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicky Belo is challenging activist-lawyer Argee Guevarra, who faces a libel suit for allegedly maligning her in his Facebook shoutouts, to just face the issues in court.

Lawyer Adel Tamano, spokesman of the Belo Medical Group, dared Guevarra to “go to the proper forum, which are the courts of law, instead of engaging in trial by publicity.”

“To date… Guevarra has not filed any case with the courts of law against the Belo Medical Group, which is the proper procedure as it will allow all the parties to present their side. In fact, at the hearing of the libel case, Guevarra did not even attend the preliminary investigation and has opted instead to make statements to the press,” he said in a statement sent to The STAR.

Tamano said Belo was only forced to file the libel case against Guevarra “to protect her good name and reputation.”

He is reacting to a reported statement by Guevarra, who said Belo’s complaint against him will be “an opportunity to invite public attention to the hazards of cosmetic surgery clinics performing surgeries with untrained and unskilled medical practitioners and advertising such services as safe.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Hell hath no fury than a woman... porned?

Hell hath no fury than a woman... porned?

The online community should be very wary about what it’s writing. But!… I’m just curious…

What if I come up with a story that goes this way: “Vicki Belo paid JB Lazarte tons of moolah to distribute Hayden Kho’s ‘educational videos’ with Katrina Halili”? Will I get sued?

Haha! That sounds odd: People of the Philippines vs FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES, LOL!


Gretchen Is A Fine Actress; Even Tonyboy Is Catching Up!

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“Once a woman has given you her heart, you can never get rid of the rest of her.”
Sir John Vanbrugh (English Playwright, 1664-1726)

Guys, remember the John Estrada – La Greta smooch fest a few years ago?

Smoocheroo! We see you!

Smoocheroo! We see you!

According to a very reliable source, film siren Gretchen Barretto and business tycoon Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco have already split because of this. Naturally, Tonyboy –or any self-respecting man– wouldn’t let go of a scandalous kiss just like that. My golly, he’s not a saint. Then after John, Dodie Punò followed.

The controversial couple have been on top of the denial game for so long you’d almost not believe that they’d ever split!

Believe it or not, Tonyboy and La Greta are already a done deal.

But now, what’s this?

Tonyboy strums, happy Greta hums

MANILA, Philippines—It’s only past 8 p.m. on a Monday but there’s already a full-house crowd at Strumm’s on Jupiter St. Makati.

The Electromaniacs, the club’s happy-hour band, is playing Earl Klugh. At one table near the back of the room sit Gretchen Barretto and a couple of friends. She’s here to watch partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, who seems to have found a new hobby as rhythm guitarist.

But Tonyboy is not just here to jam. He’s introduced as the band’s newest member. According to another Electromaniacs guitarist, Lenny de Jesus, “Tonyboy plays with us even in mall shows. The only time he’s absent is when he’s abroad.”

Onstage, the business tycoon looks serious and, well, businesslike — wearing reading glasses to read music sheets while strumming his acoustic guitar. He’s not the typical musician who would nod or groove along to the songs, or glance and smile at the audience.

But Gretchen says he’s having a good time: “He enjoys it. I’m glad because he’s overcoming his shyness through music.”

As the band ends a cover of the “Hawaii Five-O” theme, Lenny, who is also its manager and repertoire annotator, cracks a joke about the vintage nature of the music.

But surprisingly there’s a new batch of songs which The Electromaniacs have added to their set list, including Billy Joel (“Just the Way You Are,” “My Life,” “You May Be Right”), The Beatles (with John Lesaca jamming on vocals in “I Call Your Name” and “All My Loving”), Queen (“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”).

Gretchen says she likes retro music. “I was born in 1970 so I’m not familiar with the Electromaniacs. But slowly I’m getting the hang of it.”

The actress, who has recorded two CDs herself, remembers that Tonyboy wanted to play in one of the albums. “I teased him, ‘You need more practice,’” she said, laughing.

The band ends its set and Tonyboy joins Gretchen, finally breaking into a smile. His eyes light up each time somebody pats him on the back.

He has grown stubbles, too, perhaps his way of saying, “I’m with the band.” (

Can't remember if Antonio Luna had a band, but he was musical... oops, all right, I won't go there...

Can't remember if Antonio Luna had a band, but he was musical... oops, all right, I won't go there...

If they’ve buried the hatchet, good for them. Also, it only means this country suffers from a lack of celebrity sleuths… I say, if the above story is not true, Tonyboy’s undergoing private acting workshops to match La Greta’s movie acting.

Heck! What do we care with their private lives, anyway? Well, they’re high-profile public figures. And for that, the public owns them, LOL!

How does that song go again… ♩ ♬ that’s entertainment? ♩ ♬

Surely, La Greta will agree to that. Like all movie and TV personalities, she’s stricken with star complex. And she loves being in the limelight.

As for Tonyboy? Well, well, well, he’s got a lot of history to tell. But that’s a different (and serious) story.

Ayaw pakasalan ni Tony Boy, Gretchen kumalas na!
Gretchen, Tonyboy: Headed for splitsville?
Pagtatagpo nina Gretchen at John, aprubado ni Tonyboy!
Tonyboy did not kick out Gretchen Barretto – PEP
Tonyboy Forgives Gretchen

There’s No Need For Martial Law — It Would Be Very Obvious

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Never again!

Never again!

Today’s headline in my favorite source of local net news,

Palace: No to martial law

Of course they’d say no. And it would be pretty obvious if Tita Glow would proclaim that infamous law which claimed thousands of Filipinos during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Thirty-seven years ago today (21 September 1972), Marcos issued Proclamation 1081 placing the entire archipelago under Martial Law; it was lifted in 1981. Within that time span, Martial Law claimed more than 6,000 lives (10,000 according to others). Since Arroyo usurped power in 2001, disappearances, harrasments, torture, and assassinations of political activists, journalists, and other political opponents, began. And she hasn’t even declared Martial Law yet.

What for? No such law is necessary in kidnapping and murdering anti-Arroyo people.

According to pundits, Arroyo’s government is worse than Apo Marcos’. It is stupid not to believe them.



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Surface Noriel Rodriguez! Justice for Fr. Lucero! Never again to Martial Law!

After One Month Of Hell At Sea, Four Missing Fishermen Were Rescued

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The below story is simply amazing!

4 fishermen rescued after drifting at sea for 1 month
09/19/2009 | 05:28 PM

More than a month of hell finally ended for four Palawan fishermen, who were rescued off Hinoba-an town in Negros Occidental province.

A report on Visayan Daily Star said the four had been drifting at sea since Aug. 10, and were rescued after a fisherman saw them.

Hinoba-an town administrator designate Jose Candulizas identified the four as Tualot Libating, 43, owner operator of the boat; Ameril Culele, 21; Tonton Palayu, 14; and Jee Can, 14.

All the four were haggard and thin when they were rescued, Candulizas added.

He said the four were passengers of MV Sea Baby Wing and were from Indalawan village in Balabac town in Palawan.

Candulizas said Rogelio Jimenez, a fisherman of Culipapa village in Hinoba-an, was in Cagayancillo waters between Hinoba-an and Palawan when he saw the four fishermen drifting on their pumpboat, and towed them back to Hinoba-an.

National Disaster Coordinating Council spokesman Anthony Golez Jr. said he will assist the four fishermen in getting back to Palawan.

The Hinoba-an town government has provided them with food, medical assistance and clothing, Candulizas said.

Investigation showed the four left Balabac Aug. 10. After four hours at sea they developed engine trouble.

The fishermen said the “amihan” winds pushed their vessel towards Vietnam and the south “habagat” winds pushed them back into Philippine waters.

According to them, they ate whatever they could catch and drank rainwater. (GMANews.TV)

When nobody else came to find them, it was God who did the work Himself (using the habagat winds).

And you know what else is amazing? The Philippine Coastguard DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO FIND THEM. Instead, they were ACCIDENTALLY FOUND drifting at sea by a fellow fisherman.

What if it happened to Arroyo? Of course, the answer is obvious. So it appears that in this administration, the common man’s life and safety is disregarded almost completely.

If ever GMA gets lost at sea, she'll do fine. No need to panic.

If ever GMA gets lost at sea, she'll do fine. No need to panic.

For Dacer’s Family, Erap Is It

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Ping Lacson won vs Erap in local politics’ latest mudslinging.

Lacson’s privilege speech last Monday help made murdered publicist Bubby Dacer’s family to consider the wily senator as a possible state witness against the one who masterminded the grisly crime.

“We are not persecuting anyone. We are after the mastermind behind the crime. We are open to everything that will lead to the bringing to justice of the killers of Dacer,” said Atty. Demetrio Custodio, lawyer of Bubby’s daughters.

But of course, it is obvious that Erap is all in their minds. The poor opposition leader has been prejudged once again.

And Lacson is all smiles together with Arroyo, toasting their premature victory wineglasses in the air.

Good Procurement, Good Governance — Our Last Resort Against Corruption

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Use eProcurement to curb corruption once and for all!

Use eProcurement to curb corruption once and for all!

This is already old news, but it’s still worthy reading:

DepEd suspends order of noodles

MANILA, Philippines—The Department of Education has suspended its purchase of P427 million worth of instant noodles from a supplier amid allegations raised in a Senate hearing that the food items were overpriced and lacked nutritive value.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus also informed Senator Mar Roxas, chair of the education committee, in a May 11 letter that he has also ordered a review of the department’s school feeding program.

The Roxas committee is leading the Senate inquiry into the allegedly overpriced instant noodles fortified with “malunggay” (Moringa sp.) and eggs that Jeverps Manufacturing Corp. has been supplying the DepEd.

Lapus said the review of the school feeding program would be conducted with the help of independent experts “with the objective of resolving questions such as nutritional content, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of field implementation.” The review is supposed to finish by next month.

Saying he was glad that Lapus had suspended the signing of the contract with Jeverps, Roxas on Tuesday announced that his committee would defer the inquiry into the controversy but would monitor the review of the school feeding program.

Roxas said the two hearings showed that the Jeverps instant noodles priced at P22 for each 100-gram packet was overpriced when compared to other noodles in the market.

He said Nestlé and Universal Robina Corp. had testified that their instant noodles cost P3.50 per pack, not including the costs for flavoring, enhancements and packaging.

At the hearing, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile asked how Jeverps would be able to get its supply of malunggay to produce 19 million instant noodle packs for the DepEd.

“I am not aware of any large-scale production of malunggay,” Enrile said.

Enrile later told reporters he doubted whether Jeverps had a supplier of malunggay.

“It casts doubt on the quality of the products being marketed with malunggay content,” Enrile said.

Roxas said he found it puzzling that the big noodle makers like Nestlé and Universal Robina Corp. were not aware of the DepEd’s bidding of contracts.

URC officials said they were invited by the DepEd to bid for its school feeding program only once in 2007. Nestlé officials said they did not get any invitation at all.

DepEd officials said the bidding for the noodle-supply contract was published in the newspapers.

It was learned at the hearing that Jeverps has been paid more than P750 million as a supplier of the DepEd’s Food for School Program for 800,000 first-grade and pre-school students in the past few years. (from

Since joining the eProcurement industry last January, I realized that eProcurement is the best solution to solve bad procurement practices in the Philippines.

Transprocure‘s Charlie Villaseñor, Asia’s eProcurement guru, is correct: with good procurement comes good governance. And since that is not the case with the Philippine government (as can be gleaned from the above report), it forced an angry military officer to rebel against it. That military officer is Antonio Trillanes IV who is now a detained Senator. Trillanes was a former procurement officer of the Naval Training and Education Command of the Philippine Navy. In that position, he successfully reformed his institution’s procurement system resulting to a savings of more than four million pesos. In that same position, he was able to witness first hand the massive corruption in the Philippine Navy’s procurement system — and that was just the tip of the presidential iceberg. Trillanes was against forces more powerful than him, but that didn’t stop him to rise up in arms. The rest is Oakwood history.

eProcurement enhances and promotes transparency in government contracts and biddings. According to David Magno, a Project Manager for Hubwoo, there has been prevailing news that the government had already implemented an eProcurement system throughout its bureaucracy. But suppliers got discontented over the system’s ineffective process, thus ending eProcurement’s spur of the moment in our government around four years ago. Hopefully, our current crop of presidential hopefuls (from Gilbert Teodoro to Noynoy Aquino III) will include in their program of government ways to properly and strictly deploy and implement eProcurement technology not only in all government departments but in all major businesses as well. This will help not only in curbing corruption, it will also help institutions in garnering massive financial savings — a potential boon for our economy. San Miguel Corporation is one best example.

Hubwoo‘s suite of solutions should be brought and implemented here in the Philippines. Although Hubwoo started only a decade ago, it is meticulously handled by management experts who are well-versed, experienced, and thoroughly exposed in the world of eProcurement. Furthermore, Hubwoo provides a fully integrated suite of tools and services, delivered as-a-service to companies. Impressively, it also boasts of the first SAP® global BPO partnership dedicated solely to procurement Right now, the French-based company is holding various roadshow events in the US and Europe to help explain more what its business is all about. Hopefully, it would be able to do the same here in Asia, ESPECIALLY the Philippines.

If Hubwoo won’t be able to solve the problem of corruption in our government’s and businesses’ procurement processes, THEN NOTHING WILL.

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I've finally made a decision!

I've finally made a decision!

Around two months ago, I asked what should be the appropriate title for this latest English-language weblog of mine. I got no response, hahaha!

Oh well, the only thing that’s prevalent is change. So there.

From now on, this weblog is known as FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES. Yeah, now with an “e” for obvious (and “pa-cute”) reasons. What a groundbreaking day!

See you tomorrow!

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