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After One Month Of Hell At Sea, Four Missing Fishermen Were Rescued

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The below story is simply amazing!

4 fishermen rescued after drifting at sea for 1 month
09/19/2009 | 05:28 PM

More than a month of hell finally ended for four Palawan fishermen, who were rescued off Hinoba-an town in Negros Occidental province.

A report on Visayan Daily Star said the four had been drifting at sea since Aug. 10, and were rescued after a fisherman saw them.

Hinoba-an town administrator designate Jose Candulizas identified the four as Tualot Libating, 43, owner operator of the boat; Ameril Culele, 21; Tonton Palayu, 14; and Jee Can, 14.

All the four were haggard and thin when they were rescued, Candulizas added.

He said the four were passengers of MV Sea Baby Wing and were from Indalawan village in Balabac town in Palawan.

Candulizas said Rogelio Jimenez, a fisherman of Culipapa village in Hinoba-an, was in Cagayancillo waters between Hinoba-an and Palawan when he saw the four fishermen drifting on their pumpboat, and towed them back to Hinoba-an.

National Disaster Coordinating Council spokesman Anthony Golez Jr. said he will assist the four fishermen in getting back to Palawan.

The Hinoba-an town government has provided them with food, medical assistance and clothing, Candulizas said.

Investigation showed the four left Balabac Aug. 10. After four hours at sea they developed engine trouble.

The fishermen said the “amihan” winds pushed their vessel towards Vietnam and the south “habagat” winds pushed them back into Philippine waters.

According to them, they ate whatever they could catch and drank rainwater. (GMANews.TV)

When nobody else came to find them, it was God who did the work Himself (using the habagat winds).

And you know what else is amazing? The Philippine Coastguard DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO FIND THEM. Instead, they were ACCIDENTALLY FOUND drifting at sea by a fellow fisherman.

What if it happened to Arroyo? Of course, the answer is obvious. So it appears that in this administration, the common man’s life and safety is disregarded almost completely.

If ever GMA gets lost at sea, she'll do fine. No need to panic.

If ever GMA gets lost at sea, she'll do fine. No need to panic.


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