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Youth urged: register to make a difference — Youthvote Philippines convener Jaime Garchitorena.

We’ve been making a difference for a long time now by not registering.


“…we appeal to everyone, including the accused (President Joseph Estrada and Senator Pánfilo Lacson), to freely submit to the justice system and to due process…” — Press Secretary Cerge Remonde on the Dacer-Corbito Double Murder Case.

But he said everyone… what the heck do I have to do anything about the crime?

Our star for the past week!

Our star for the past week!


Convicted rapist-murderer Juan “Paco” Larrañaga of Cebú’s mighty Osmeña clan to be transferred to a Spanish jail. It’s because his dad’s a Spanish citizen. And this move is in accordance to a prisoner-exchange treaty with dear Mother Spain.

But the said criminal didn’t grow up in Spain. Why bring him to a prison there? Let him talk to me first in Spanish in order to assess if he could mingle with other Spanish-speaking prisoners. If he couldn’t converse in Castilian, he’d only become more of an anti-social prisoner there due to language barriers. And that would make him more wacko.


Asked why Larrañaga can’t just serve his sentence in in our country, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s chief legal counsel Raúl González said: “We have a treaty that has been passed. Let’s not talk of something that has taken place already. This is a treaty that has been signed long ago. This was ratified by the Senate.”

The verbose former justice secretary got tired of talking too much.


Secretary Gabriel Claudio divulged that Arroyo was elated over the news that at least 49 governors have endorsed Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro to run as president.

Who is he?


Actress Rufa Mae Quinto denies that she has an affair with Gloria’s son Mikey Macapagal Arroyo.

It’s believable. Rufa Mae doesn’t spend her time in California.


Aside from telling Erap and Lacson to submit themselves to the justice system, Remonde also told the same thing to Arroyo supporter Luis “Chavit” Singson with regard to beating up his common-law-wife last month.

Can he say that to Mikey?


Anti-Catholic leader Eraño Manalo, who died last week, is to be interred tomorrow. At least two million people are expected to attend the cortege.

Expect to see the stars of the 2010 Philippine National Elections.


As of this writing, a rescue team is busily attending to Superferry 9 which was reported listing earlier today in the stormy seas of Zamboanga. More or less 1,000 people are on the ship!

A perfunctory reaction from the reading public: what’s new?


Let’s try to have a happy day this rainy Sunday!


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