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Everything’s Falling Into Place

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Everybody’s starting to bow down to the hesitant black horse.

Reaching new political heights which his father never did.

Reaching new political heights which his father never did.

After Mar Roxas III realized that his role isn’t the presidency, Pampanga Governor and Catholic priest Fr. Ed Panlilio discovered his true worth as well. And then all of a sudden, we hear that Vice Presidential hopeful Francisco “Kiko” Pañgilinan is also distancing himself from one of the highest posts of the land to give way to party unity.

It appears that everything is falling into the right place. But the only person that perhaps opposition leader Joseph “Erap” Estrada is waiting for to withdraw from the presidential race –for the sake of a unified and strong opposition against an unwanted administration– is Senator Manuel V. Villar.

So now begins the long wait if Villar isn’t really the trapo that his commercial jingle is singing about:

But wait… what’s this?!!!


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  1. Simplicia Pallera

    Good evening, to everyone , call me simple for short. My name is so “barriotic”. Anyway , this is my personal opinion/comment. First of all we must PRAY HARD for our country, that in the 2010 election, we will be able to choose the RIGHT LEADER. Whenever I watch WOWOWEE , EAT BULAGA , SOP. And somebody is giving a certain amount of money to the contestant/s, I feel so sorry for our country. Ang Pilipino hindi pa rin natututo. Sana we learned from this politikos. And you know who am I referring. I belong to the academe, I’m teaching sociology and you know when we come to the topic about VALUES, I asked my students, what do you get from this noontime shows. Do you get any values from them. And most of the students will answer , mam “WALA”, nakakaaliw lang sila. Sabi ng ibang bata, mam kapit na kasi sila sa patalim. Kahit hinihiya na sila ng mga host OK lang sa kanila ,because they need the money. They come to the show because they need the money. Nakakalungkot pero iyon ang sinasabi ng mga bata. Mga estudyante na iyon sa kanila na nanggaling iyon. I always tell them you’re very lucky, you are here inside the classroom, meaning you’re parents can still send you to school. Many young people wants to study but they don’t have the means. So study well. One visionary told me that we have to pray hard for our country , nasa tao na daw talaga. Pagnagpaloko pa daw ang mga pinoy sa mga trapos, puputok na daw sa kahirapan ang bansa. You know we have colleagues that whenever they go home they will always take P100 – 200 out of their wallet. Tanong namin para saan iyan. ” Para sa mga snatcher at holdaper” , para paghinoldap kami , ndi kami patayin bigay na lang namin ito kung kailangan nila ito. Natawa na lang kami, it sounds weird but thats reality. Sa sobrang kahirapan na talaga. The point is , the reason why I’m telling this , it’s time for us Filipinos to reflect on ourselves. Ano ba gumising na tayo.We need new leaders for our country. Leaders who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the country. If we can do what the SOuth Koreans did more than 50 years ago, there is a bright future for our country. Thank you…. God bless the Philippines.




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