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What Would You Do With P150,952,935.60?

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SuperLotto is indeed the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) grandest lotto game of them all. And last Sunday, a lone bettor from Muntinlupà City won the whopping prize money of P150,952,935.60!!!

What would you do with such an amount?!

Pera pera pera must be cuela in a rich man's world!

Pera pera pera must be cuela in a rich man's world!

The corners of my mouth would’ve reached my ears! My eyes would be seeing double! My knees would shake as if there’s an earthquake…

Man, I’d simply die!!!

Or perhaps I’d even write more PCSO songs for Mirahel!

But with this lucky Muntinlupà SuperLotto bettor, life will be so much better:

Munti bettor wins P150-M lotto jackpot

Me and wifey bet last Sunday, but we lost. But you bet that we’ll bet again! Everything’s not yet lost!

Pepe Rizal won the lottery more than a century ago. I hope another Pepe will win — way to go! =)

It’s the economic crisis, baby! That’s what’s giving this game such huge popularity!

Man, imagine such an amount hocked inside my malnourished bank account…

But until then, I “suffer” here within the confines of my lonely office cubicle…


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