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Cheap Manila =(

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To those who still claim that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is saving us from the brunt of the worldwide economic crisis particularly by bringing here Business Process Outsourcing companies and many international Information Technology enterprises, think again:

Manila among world’s cheapest cities–UBS

We’re as cheap as India, and the above link further confirms that our economy is still down, down since the earlier round. And sugar we’re going down swinging (my apologies to Fall Out Boy).

But even if you don’t click on the above link, it’s already a known fact anyway that the Philippine economy is still as worse as the rest of the Third World. And that is the main reason why BPOs are here — labor is cheap. Arroyo just happened to be at the helm, and that’s why she’s getting much praise for “putting the Philippines on the BPO/IT map”. Many IT-inclined Filipinos do earn big from BPOs and IT companies. But in the long run, there’s nothing to be happy about. Nagdurusa pa rin ang ating bansâ.

So even if we have Amay Bisayà for our president, the economic situation BPO-wise would still be the same.

By the way, isn’t he gunning for any political seat next year? We need such people to amuse our sad politico-economic lives, y’know. El Shaddai’s Bro. Mike Velarde is never enough.


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