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All it takes is a supreme court ruling to finally clean up a dying Manila Bay

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But it took eight years –EIGHT FREAKIN’, GLOBAL WARMIN’, OIL SLICKIN’ YEARS– before the Arroyo Administration thought of taking up the cudgels to finally rehabilitate a dying Manila Bay where, according to stories, sardines once teemed. Well now it’s teeming with biologically contaminated fish, toxic sludge, bloated crime victims, and other mutated f*ck-knows-what.

The question is why did it take eight years before the current administration thought of winding up it’s ass to do some real rehabilitation of one of the world’s most famous bays? Do they always have to rely on Supreme Court decisions even with environmental concerns such as conserving the beauty and cleanliness of our country’s most historical bay?

It took eight years –and a little over eight months before the next national elections– for the people to finally see some environmental action from the self-styled environmental czar of the Philippines. Hmmm.

What was that APO Hiking Society song again? Oh yeah, Nakapagtataka

Bahía de Manila is famous for its breathtaking sunsets.

Bahía de Manila is famous for its breathtaking sunsets.


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    Forty-six posts since July 18 of last month! With 4,389 visits already as of this writing!! And there wasn’t a single day that there was no blogpost!!!

    Not bad for a new blog that has just died. Impressive statistics!

    But all’s well that ends well…

    I don’t know what exactly happened. But WordPress suddenly discontinued me from blogging without any detailed explanation. This I found out this morning as I was cooking up something new.

    Well, they made me follow a link to send them a message regarding this time-consuming issue; I followed it, then sent two messages to the beautiful and splendid people of WordPress.

    I am still waiting for their reply. But somehow, I have a funny feeling that they won’t do that anymore. So…

    If you follow this blog closely since its inception last month, I’ve written articles that are mostly anti-sh*t. I have a hunch that those articles are the reason why FILIPINO SCRIBBLES is currently on suspended animation. Maybe somebody knew someone from somewhere? I dunno. I hope that’s not the real reason. I’m virtually a nobody compared to Conrado de Quiros or Manuel Quezon III. But many online friends have decided that perhaps the riverside gang of Malacañang had something to do with this suspension.

    Ang hirap lang paniwalaan casí ngâ hindí namán acó sicát na blogger para patulan nilá. Ni hindí acó singalíng magsulát tulad ng mga baticán nating mga periodista. Ewan co nga ba. Ang gandá pa namán dito sa WordPress.

    Anyway, whether our suspicion holds water or not, I won’t stop being an anti-sh*t. My golly, who likes sh*t in the first place?

    Don’t worry, Sec. Raúl González, you and your ilk are exempted from answering this.

    So here’s my retort to all this sh*t that I’ve been experiencing the whole friggin’ day:


    To all those who followed this short-lived blog, thank you. Thank you for the support, thank you for believing.

    It’s unbelievable! More than 4,000 readers in less than two months! Thank you, thank you all!

    You can still follow me at my Twitter. Or if you can speak Spanish, just click on the above link which I just shared.

    Bye, WordPress!



  2. i knew it was coming! i was meaning to tell you this when i spoke to you thru Skype this morning (11 hrs ago). Tta anj & i were talking how rebelde you can be when you put your head into something! Let me tell you, we’re so proud of you for being what you are & for believing into something that you think is good not only for you, your kids and your grandchildren but for a lot of other filipinos!(if not for the majority)!
    Anyway, if it’s meant to be, it wud be. Let’s keep our fingers crossed something positive will come out of this.
    Good luck & vai con Dio, amore di Zia!


    • Auntie Ruby, is that you? You’re using Aldo’s email, aren’t you? Haha!

      Did you just say “grandchildren”? That makes you a pretty “great grandmother”, haha!

      ¡Gracias Auntie Ruby y Auntie Angie por vuestro apoyo!


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