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The Underlying Order: Us

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To my fellow bloggers…

A fractal structure. Whatever that is.

A fractal structure. Whatever that is.

I once read a book which dealt mainly on evolution. The book made a bold theory that behavior, and not giant meteors, climate change, and the like, is mainly responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. Such cataclysmic event naturally gave rise to a domino effect on the earth’s ecological equilibrium millions of years ago. The effects of mass extinction which happened during that time are, most likely, still extant in our era.

Behavior (and this pertains not only to human or animal behavior, but to other inanimate behavioral systems as well), scientists say, is crucial to survival and the orderliness of different organizational systems, be they natural or man-made. That is why mathematics, which is perhaps the most orderly and perfect of all sciences, deemed it necessary to put behavior under one of its spheres of duty: chaos theory.

Chaos theory deals with the study of calculating, analyzing, and interpreting turbulent and unpredictable systems such as the current of river assemblages, the stock market, rioting crowds, rage-crazed student rockers who ruin a concert (guilty…), and weather disturbances to name a few. As such, nonlinear mathematics is used since chaotic systems have irregular patterns unlike the regular ones that we have been studying since the advent of mathematics and logic.

But we’re communication brats, (i.e., bloggers). So let’s scrap mathematics from here.

The reason why I try to emphasize some of the nuances and idiosyncrasy of behavior is that we, the so-called “modern” or “online” journalists, have a very significant role in channeling the course of human behavior.

In whatever field a blogger (as mass communicator) must specialize in the acreage of mass media, he/she must always bear in mind the expansive responsibility one would encounter in dealing with mass communication. Information is gold. Therefore, we should inculcate in our minds what Peter Parker had learned from his Uncle Ben when everybody’s friendly neighborhood college kid noticed that he could stick his butt into walls and ceilings after being bitten by a radioactive arachnid: “with great power comes great responsibilities.”

So if a blogger prefers to barge directly into the world of information dissemination, i.e., news, then he/she must be as responsible as a public servant (I think that’s too much to hope for, LOL!!!). But having a role in the realm of the Fourth Estate is more prestigious than landing a spot in the doddering world of politics. News content tends to become hazy and distorted, thus losing much of its credibility. A communications practitioner should be very much aware of this circumstance, of course. In addition, one must possess intelligent views and discreet public opinion.

Oftentimes, a blogger has to deal with advertising (AdSense, anyone?). And when bloggers do enter this colorful world of online advertising, they should take notice of that field’s powerful influence towards the buying public. Responsibility and good taste (if morality is “too strong” a word for some people) must be in line with the goal of profitability. If this is not so, then expect to see more ads in the same tune as those explicit, sexually suggestive, and sometimes sadistic deodorant commercials (and they sell very well, unfortunately).

And so it is, too, with public relations. It would be very helpful to have an overview, as well as a review, of human socialization and the sociological processes that could help understand human behavior much better. That would help PR men in dealing with people of different behaviors. It might even help us understand why some Fil-Italians fall prey to congressional cretins (but I think psychoanalysis should be the one to handle that, if not parapsychology, LOL!!!).

In conclusion, let me share to you that it’s not all chaos in chaos theory. Scientists say that in every turbulent system, there is an underlying order affixed to it so as to keep it in a natural balance. That is why nature is perfect (an earthquake is even dubbed as a “natural” disaster).

So to all bloggers serving as mass communicators, I wish you all good luck in steering the course of human history through the intelligent management of human behaviorism.

See you ‘round the net. =)


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