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Rodolfo C. Catáquiz (1917-2009)

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FILIPINO SCRIBBLES (and on behalf of ALAS FILIPINAS and WITH ONE’S PAST) would like to extend its deep condolences to the family and relatives of the late entrepreneur Rodolfo Catáquiz y Carmona who died last Saturday.

Rodolfo C. Catáquiz: a rags-to-riches story.

Rodolfo C. Catáquiz: a rags-to-riches story.

He is the father of my friend San Pedro, La Laguna Mayor Calixto R. Catáquiz who is himself a business tycoon in the said town.

The elder Catáquiz hails from Unisan, Quezon which is incidentally my dad’s hometown (it was actually through my uncle, Ramoncito “Monching” Alas, that I got to know his Mayor son). Up to now, the Mayor’s father never fails to amaze me. In the still unpublished biography A DATE WITH DESTINY (One More Challenge!) The Life Story of San Pedro, Laguna Mayor Calixto R. Catáquiz, Arnold Arnáiz and I wrote:

Rodolfo’s rags-to-riches life is indeed a rarity (reminiscent of Henry Sy of SM fame). He was a self-made man who built his empire with sheer hardwork and thriftiness. In due time, Rodolfo was able to acquire his own plantations, a rice mill, and other businesses. Ultimately, through thriftiness and dedication, he was able to found a rural bank: Entrepreneur Rural Bank, Inc. (Rural Bank of Unisan), located in the población of his hometown. The bank did contribute a lot to Unisan’s economic turnaround, paving the way once more for the town’s reentry as a potential economic heavyweight in the region.

Rodolfo Catáquiz once worked for José Yulo as one of his Canlubang yeomen. Everything that needed to be done around the enormous estate he added great value as a hard-working man. Rodolfo was a great addition to that Canlubang estate which Old Man Yulo created for his family (perhaps Yulo was still dreaming of his far away rustic land, the Negros Occidental of his childhood.

His Entrepreneur Rural Bank now has a branch here in San Pedro.

Entrepreneur Bank: a Catáquiz legacy.

Entrepreneur Bank: a Catáquiz legacy.

May his life and career serve as an example to many impoverished Filipinos. With determination and faith in God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Requiescat In Pace, Tiyong Rodolfo…

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  2. I wrote something about Dn. R on my blog. He’s in a better place now, send my ‘pakikiramay’ to Calex.

  3. nicanor e. cataquiz jr.

    Siguro, kamag anak namin si Tio Dolfo, Kasi galing din kami sa Almacen,Unisan, Quezon. Kaya kami napunta ng San Pedro, Laguna ay sa dahilang mahirap ang buhay doon, at niyaya ang tatay kong si Nicanor Cataquiz Sr.,na patay na rin, ni Tio Dolfo para magtrabho sa kanyang rice mill. Sa Katunayan ay nauna nang namasukan bilang katulong sa bahay ni Tio Dolfo at Tia Rosa sa Sto. Nino,San Pedro,Laguna ang aking dalawang kapatid na babae, si Puring at Paulita Cataquiz noong 1965 hanggang 1975. Nang na sa San Pedro na kaming boong pamilya ay pinatira naman kami ng libre sa isa niyang bahay sa Cataquiz subdivision, San Pedro. Mga 12 taon ako noon at grade 6, sa San Pedro Central School, malimit ko ring makita Si Tio Dolfo kapag napunta ako sa kono o kaya ay sa bahay sa Sto. Nino, tahimik ang Tiong Dolfo at medyo de numero kung magsalita. Palibhasa`y bata pa kami kaya di kami makalapit at medyo natatakot. Mayaman na sila noon. Ang mag asawang TIYONG DOLFO AT DONYA ROSA, noong 1967 ay malaki na ang kanilang kayamanan, may balutan, may mga subdivision, may mga paupahan, may malaking kono o rice mill, may bangko at iba. Sa aking analysis si Tia Rosa ang napakasipag sa hanap buhay at si Tio Dolfo naman ang taga plano at nangangasiwa. Kaya saludo ako ng buong puso di lamang sa aking kamag anak na si Tyong Dolfo at kanyang asawa Tyang Rosa pati na rin sa solong anak na si Mayor Calixto R. Cataquiz na siya ang nagtutuloy sa alamat na iniwan ng mga magulang.

  4. ¡Magandáng gabí pô, Séñor Catáquiz!

    Maraming salamat po sa inióng comentario at ipinamahaguing información sa amin dito sa FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES. Hayaan niyó pô at icucumusta co cayó cay Alcalde Calixto Catáquiz sa súsunod naming pagquiquita.

    Lubós na gumagalang,


  5. condolence mayor calixto cataquiz.

  6. Eunice Lois Cataquiz Bonifacio

    I think I’m on the third generation of Cataquiz Family :) I didn’t know such things like these. I’ve been gone to Unisan, Quezon once to check on my late grandfather’s, Raul Borja Cataquiz, property. I only know that Lolo Calex is my Lolo’s cousin and I’ve only seen Lolo Calex once in a our reunion past fewyears ago. soo . whatever just.. . . shocked that my family’s clan is … . you know what i mean.

  7. Many thanks Pepe for this article, it’s been a pleasure to read part of our clan’s emigration history. I happened to read another article that you wrote way back in 2008 and I am wondering if the said biography of Tito Calex got released and if so, how can I obtain a copy of it? I am trying to gather informations about our clan’s history and I recon that this biography will help shed some lights on what I am trying to put together. Can I email you directly? Thanks.

  8. Politics buisness tactics

    • Mayor na si calixto sigurado business plan yan sa san pedro pero dapat wala ng plastic sa san pedro dahil napapagitnaan na ng muntilupa at biñan. Wala pa ring magandang benepisyo lalo na sa mahihirap. tsk tsk tsk….


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