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Jesús Felipe P. Alas

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This blog isn’t even a month old, but it has already published two deaths (that of Tita Cory and Tiyong Rodolfo). So to stray from the morbid, I’d like to share to you some videos this time about life. I’m referring to the videos of my third child and second son Jesús Felipe Alas (born on 13 January 2007) right after childbirth!

The following video (posted on 24 February 2007) was taken just minutes after his birth. As of this writing, it has already garnered a respectable 359,949 views!

The above video got even more views compared to Mark Lápid’s hilarious “Saging lang ang may pusò” video which only got 111,255 (posted on 20 November 2006) yet it already won an news story! Anyway, it’s understable because Mark’s an actor and is the son of equally hilarious Senator Lito Lápid. So I shouldn’t feel bitter about it, haha!

Click here for more videos! Or type “Jesús Felipe Alas” in YouTube‘s search field!


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