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Lawmakers Disrespect Cory

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Symbol of the Philippine House of Representatives

Up to the last minute, members of Philippine Congress are still doing the unspeakable… by using President Cory Aquino’s funeral as an excuse for — what? idleness?

Malacañang recently announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, the whole country will get a day off as a sign of national respect for the late President’s burial. But not to be outdone, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives have given themselves a week off!

Is it because they have filed numerous resolutions to honor the late President? Is it even protocol? Are they all compelled to attend the burial rites and guard her grave for a week? Please explain.

And the last time I checked, burials are done only once. So what’s with the week off?

How about explaining the logic behind this week off when there are numerous pending bills to be debated and given action? Such an explanation will save them from the thinking public’s backlash once this issue catches more attention.

This is too much. For sure, President Aquino would have wished to delay her death for a couple more years had she known about this appalling display of congressional slackness. May they show the icon of democracy more respect by not sinking into unexplainable shiftlessness.


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