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Daily Archives: July 25, 2009

Metro Laguna Cited As The Country’s Next BPO Hub.

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The proliferation of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the country is virtually everywhere, even in faraway Mindanáo. But the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) cited Metro Laguna as the Philippines’ next hotbed for BPOs.

Province of La Laguna and surrounding areas.

Province of La Laguna and surrounding areas.

Metro Laguna is comprised of La Laguna municipalities and cities that are near Metro Manila: Santa Rosa, Cabuyao, Calambâ, Los Baños, and San Pablo. I’m not sure if San Pedro (where I currently reside) and Biñán are included. But I believe they should be, especially since Biñán is the home of Laguna Technopark, Inc.

Santa Rosa tops the list of Metro Laguna cities and municipalities as the number one place to setup a BPO company; it is being positioned as the center where BPOs and IT companies can run and operate offices, while neighboring cities can supply the skilled workers.

To tap Metro Laguna as the country’s next premier business hub for BPOs is a very wise gesture in my opinion. This is because, although being tagged as “Metro”, La Laguna is still a province; that would easily help BPO companies to incur more cost-saving strategies (setting up businesses outside Metro Manila is cheaper). Aside from that, its proximity from the country’s financial capital (particulary Makati City) could hardly be ignored.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of San Pedro, Mayor Calixto R. Catáquiz is planning to turn a large tract of undeveloped land in his municipality as a BPO hub (as part of his San Pedro Vision 2020 project). The northwestern part of San Pedro is still largely undeveloped and uninhabited. Furthermore, San Pedro’s telephone area code is non-provincial, i.e., it has the same area code as that of Metro Manila (02), making it easier for these BPOs’ telephony systems to be connected to the metropolis where all major business actions take place.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that more good news like this for our country’s BPO workers (collectively known as the nation’s Bagong Bayani) will prevail in the newstands.

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