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Heart anatomized

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in corrugated-iron shanties
centipedes reek with the
stench of putrefied human
in concrete-and-steel multiversities
the atoms of human
brains are split by
in battlefields

–Amelita Cuala (Heart Anatomy, Society of St. Paul, 1973)–

About thirteen years ago, I met modern patriot and Filipinist Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera through my literary mentor, the late Amelita Cuala de Málig (1936-2000, author of Heart Anatomy, a collection of psycho-religious confessional verses). Due to the high hopes of a puerile youth, I was then yearning for a Bohemian kind of poetic lifestyle. I looked up to Mrs. Málig so much to the point that I worshiped the very ground that she had tread upon.

Mrs. Málig proudly introduced me to Señor Gómez as one of her best student writers. The latter didn’t take it lightly; it was apparent in his countenance that he was inflamed to meet a younger scribbler! “Admirable!” he said in his odd Spanish-accented English. He was actually looking for fresh blood which he could utilize for his advocacy.

Old Man Gómez was then the Head of the Spanish Department in Adamson University. Later on, I’d discover that he was into something bigger. Aside from heading the Corporación Nacional de Profesores en Español, Señor Gómez has been, for past few decades, on a quixotic struggle of bringing back the Spanish language into the modern Filipino cosmos. Furthermore, his dissertation on the veracity of our Filipino Identity being Hispanic in origin is too intricate to contest. His endeavors earned him the respect and admiration of the local Hispanic community, including Spanish-speaking foreign embassies. His activities instantly sparked my interest because my father’s family is of Spanish descent (Bonilla and Évora). Aside from that, I thought that merging my mind into his ideology would add more color and perhaps even poignancy to my English-language verses.

My selfish aspirations turned out for the better. I thought that this Hispanofilipino struggle would just be a small part of my life, a brief but interesting chapter about the uninteresting life of Pepe Alas. Strangely, it didn’t. It swallowed my whole being. It became my life. Little by little, I started to veer away from my love for English Literature. It turned out that Filipino Literature (which is Spanish) is a treasure trove of prosaic delights and poetic marvels. I was introduced to Filipino authors such as Manuel Bernabé, Jesús Balmori, Fernando Mª Guerrero, Evangelina Guerrero de Zacarías, Conchita Huerta, Federico Espino, Ramón Escoda, as well as the original or untranslated versions of the writings of José Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, and a host of other local literary giants in the Spanish language.

I almost forgot the zeal which Mrs. Málig had for English literature, as well as the zeal that I used to have for my socialist activities with the Liga ng Sosyalistang Kabataan. The struggle for the realization of our national identity was something that seemed to me to be more adventurous, more noble, more Filipino. My belligerency was channeled into something more honorable, something truer than the collectivist principles that I used to adhere to. Gaining control of the means of the means of production and distribution became too distant for me, a stranger, a thing of the past.

Up to now, this passion hasn’t died down. I’m even hoping that it will rub off on my children. Sadly, I haven’t achieved much. Unlike Señor Gómez, I am a nobody, a hapless Third World citizen, a beleaguered and disrespected employee, an ordinary father trying to make both ends meet, and a hopeless but agitated dreamer. I think I have become another Mrs. Málig who I used to see eternally gazing through hallway windows during our time in Adamson University. She died suddenly on a hospital bed in 2000, right in front of his melancholic son, Christian Málig (my brother in spirit). Her Heart Anatomy virtually unrecognized…

Why do I write this? It’s because I couldn’t write any better no more. I am torn between this personal struggle (which I voluntarily took up) and my responsibility as a father. Many times I tried giving up, but the pen keeps on haunting me. This blogpost is not a good-bye. No way. Today’s blogpost is merely an excuse.

I will still try to write everyday, but usually about banal stuff: news, news, news, and a lot of current events (anyway, that’s what I’ve been writing about these past few weeks). When I launched ALAS FILIPINAS last 2007 (the first and only Philippine blog in the Spanish language), I planned of making it as a new avenue for this National Identity struggle that I’m waging. I think I failed. I even rarely update that site anymore like used to do. FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES is supposed to carry on the Hispanofilipino struggle using the English language. But I failed in that aspect, as well (I think I wrote about volcanoes yesterday, haha). And since my office performance is being affected by too much thinking (!), I have to stop this madness. But only for a while. I’ll focus first on my job responsibilities, and master what I need to master. And once I’ve mastered our technology (yes, I really have to master our technology; I have no other choice), the rest will hopefully be a breeze. I can focus once more on the fight against the covert hostility aimed at our Filipino identity.

I’ll be back soon. I promise. Bye for now.


Real estate corruption near Philippine volcanoes?

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Thousands of Bicolanos are being evacuated everyday since Mayón Volcano showed signs of imminent eruption a few days ago. This mass evacuation happens every time that Mayón –or any active Philippine volcano at that– is about to erupt. These residents, not excluding their government officials, never learn.

In the first place, why setup residence or even farm within an active volcano’s danger zone? And isn’t there any government policy or ordinance to ban real estate groups from buying and selling properties that are near such volcanoes? I believe the case is not the same with other countries that have active volcanoes. Are there any posh residences and lush farmlands around Mauna Loa, Krakatoa, Mt. Etna, and Merapi? Just in case there are, isn’t it foolish to immitate such a practice?

In Tagaytay, Cavite, one will be able to witness this kind of foolishness. High-end residences such as Crosswinds Tagaytay, Tagaytay Highlands, Royal Pines West, etc., have been sprouting over the past few years. Not that I have anything against a bustling economy. But why sell residential units near a volcanic danger zone?

The biggest question is: why does our government allow this?

To say that 1977 was the last time Taal Volcano erupted is a foolish excuse. Many thought that Mt. Pinatubo was an extinct volcano. And when it suddenly woke up last 1991, the whole world was shaken.

Is there a real estate corruption near Philippine volcanoes?

Common sense dictates that it is not a good idea to buy and sell properties near an active volcano. Yet our government allows this. What a political sham.

Would it still be a thumbs up for the residents of Tagaytay when Taal Volcano suddenly explodes? I don't think so.

Pride and precipice

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I was humiliated this morning by my drunk French boss who doesn’t have an inkling of how Filipino humor works in these parts. I will not go into details anymore so as not to glorify his misdemeanor. All I can say is that he made me experience one of the most embarrasing moments of my adult life. For one, I didn’t react, I didn’t retaliate (that’s just not me, I promise). Secondly, it was done right in front of my officemates who didn’t deserve to see a shameless display of infantility and sugar-coated “chivalry”. And third, I should’ve left abruptly afterwards. But I didn’t. Because I tried to avoid another scene. And some civil voice inside my head told me not to leave. Because if I did, that would’ve marked him as an instant villain, a party grinch, a grouchy clod. And in all honesty, I really didn’t want to put this antagonist in a bad light amongst people who shouldn’t look down on him (good grief, I’m a nice chap after all). So I didn’t, much to my chagrin.

I shouldn’t have accepted that drinking invitation in the first place. So shame on me. But are we given a glimpse of what’s about to happen to us if we made this or that choice?

Shame on him for having bruised my pride. As far as I’m concerned (and as far as the recipient of my innocuous raillery is concerned), I did nothing wrong. People I work with see me as a comic relief (a new guise for me) to everyday work worries. It’s disturbing at times, especially that I’m much of a chronicler. A jester I am not (a walking pile of sarcasm maybe, LOL!). I find it enjoyable, nevertheless. In the first place, as a chronic depressive, I do need to have an atmosphere of fun. I just can’t stand it that people around me are being dead stiff toward each other, throwing back blank glances and exchanging perfunctory smiles. But sometimes, I have to admit that my sharp tongue and usually offhanded witticism go overboard and out of control, all for the sake of a fun environment (atmosphere, environment… hmmm… what’s next — climate?).

Shame on me for not having retaliated. Keeping mum against an aggression toward myself is simply not Pepe Alas. Admittedly, I am a vindictive person. Bad for my mental health, yes. But good for my character. And good for those who look up to me.

Shame on me for allowing a foreigner to trample on my brownboy being. I’ve been fighting the foreign WASP invader since I was 17. But I let this one go? My antagonist may not be Anglo-Saxon, but he’s a white boy nonetheless. Shame on me for not having castigated his immature sensibilities.

Shame on me for allowing my disgraced butt to remain with his enterprise after humiliating me. I was actually planning to shove a bye-bye note this Monday right onto his head where he “hit” me, albeit softly, the way an ailing nonagenarian grandmother sluggishly thumps an empty teacup on a decrepit table. My family’s been to hell and back. We don’t fear joblessness anymore. But to pacify my wife (and perhaps myself) who learned of my abrupt plans and told me to stop being a rebel once and for all, I’ll opt to stick it out and give this guy one more chance. Anyway, whether things get better or not, I will never ever for the life of me join him in any drinking session for the rest of my life; and that’s final.

Maybe I’ve been acting too much of a comic, thus the reason for the disrespectful attitude accorded to me by some people. I’ve tried acting “normal” quite a couple of times already. And the more I try to “condescend” to those who couldn’t fathom my ideas, the more I get alienated. I try to be nice to everyone, but many people abuse this kindness. I wonder where I should stay put. That’s not the real Pepe Alas. That’s not supposed to be me. I am not supposed to be your friendly nice guy neighbor, seriously. But that doesn’t make me evil.

It’s funny and ironic how I have figured out what our national identity is, but I do not know my personal one.

Right now, I’m trying to balance my rage on the scales of my Moro-Christian temperament.

Oh me, I am such an actor.

My identity (and temper) is on the precipice of crisis.

Mayón Volcano will provide the bright lights in Legazpi City this Christmas season

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The world’s perfect cone is due to erupt any time soon, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS). The brightly colored top of Mayón Volcano will brighten up the cold nights of Legazpi City, Albay this Christmas season due to molten rock and volcanic fire. It’s going to be a sight to behold for photographers and others who are beholden to the beauty of nature. But looks can kill. Mayón Volcano’s no alternative for a giant lighted Christmas tree. So let’s pray that there will be no casualties, especially this forthcoming Christmas.

Phivolcs warns: Mayon to blow its top in few weeks

Mayón Volcano, which has blown its top nearly 40 times in 400 years, Thursday menaced nearby residents with small eruptions of ash and lava as relief agencies moved more than 30,000 people to shelters in case of a larger eruption.

But scientists and officials quoted said a major eruption could be weeks away and that the evacuees faced the prospect of spending up to four months in temporary shelters.

Trickles of lava rolled down the 2,460-meter (8,070-foot) mountain, while five new ash explosions, one of them reaching 500 meters in the air, shook Mayon’s steep slopes, according to chief state volcanologist Renato Solidum.

During the day, the summit is shrouded in white clouds of dust and ash, and dark orange lava becomes clearly visible in the nighttime. Residents of Legazpi on the foothills of the cone-shaped mountain converge on a downtown park at night to watch the spectacle from a safe distance.

“There is the possibility that it can turn into the explosive phase of the eruption,” Solidum said. “Right now, we cannot say for sure.”

Judge Luisito Cortez of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court: a coward of the highest order

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For Quezon City RTC Judge Cortez, cowardice and injustice perfectly rhyme and jibe.

“You must just have to bring yourself first in the line of fire, that’s the job of a judge.” And that’s Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s rightful comment following Judge Luisito Cortez’s refusal to try the suspects of the gruesome Maguindanáo Massacre.

Judge Cortez said that the reason why he inhibited himself from the celebrated case is that he fears for his life and for the safety of his family. It’s obvious that he dreads the suspects — the powerful Ampatuan clan of Maguindanáo. Of course, nobody wanted one’s family to be put in harm’s way. But Judge Cortez should’ve known about the hazards of entering the world of Philippine Judiciary a long time ago, back while he was still studying law in San Beda College during the 80s.

It is unfortunate that the blood of the 57 victims of that senseless November 23rd bloodbath have been disrespected once again.

This is cowardice of the highest order. Judge Cortez has shamed his profession. Lady Justice has just been stripped naked.

E ‘di sana nagtindá na lang siyá ng tocneneng. O cayá naglacó na lang ng alátires. Más ligtás na trabajo yun, ¿’di bá?

“Fuck You” by Lily Allen is perfect for anti-Arroyo protest marches

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An officemate introduced me to English singer Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” song a few months ago. It’s kinda cute when I first heard it, but only got to remember the catchy “Fuck you, fuck you very very much” chorus. It was only a few days ago when I got to read the whole lyrics. It was hilarious. The first person who came into my mind upon reading it was none other than she who pretends to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines: Gloria Macapal Arrovo (hey, I’ve been a champion speller since high school; so don’t antagonize the way I spell).

I posted it in my Facebook account. Then one of my friends commented that it was the same song made for George W. Bush. I thought it was interesting (especially for an Englishwoman to write an anti-Bush song). And upon quick research, here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

The song originally appeared on Allen’s Myspace page in 2008 alongside the songs “I Could Say” and “I Don’t Know” (now known as “The Fear”) under the title “Guess Who Batman”. Despite its titular reference to the caped crusader, according to NME and Rolling Stone magazines the song is an anti-George W. Bush protest, while another source the Urban Review states that it was originally inspired by the right-wing British National Party, adding Allen now “feels the track is relevant everywhere now so has removed a particular target.” At the 2009 Glastonbury Festival prior to performing the song, Allen made reference to the elections to the European parliament that had commenced 3 weeks earlier in which the British National Party gained their first ever representative seats, citing this as a reason to sing the song. The song was written by Lily Allen and Greg Kurstin. Lily Allen wrote:

“ We are the youth, we can make coolness for our future, it’s up to us. Go green and hate hate.”

Well, if you ask me, the song is very relevant in the Philippines now, especially for GMA. Anyway, both Bushy and GMA have many similarities in common. Aside from downright evilness and an extreme urge to lie, both of them came into power in 2001. Their respective fathers were ex-presidents (♪ ♩ you want to be like your father / its approval you’re after / well that’s not how you’ll find it ♩ ♫). And George Dubya and Arrovo are now being hailed as the most corrupt and unpopular leaders their respective countries ever had.

I suggest to political activists that they play this happy-soundin’ “Fuck You” song whenever they stage protest rallies against GMA. Or better yet, let us all sing this song the moment she leaves Malacañang Palace next year! Who said protest marches couldn’t be this fun? LOL!!!

Gift-giving of guns for the Ampatuans?

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Gifts meant only for cowards.

We’re in the thick of the Holiday Season. So let’s talk about gift-giving! And with all the evidence piling up against them, it’s like “deck the halls with bags of bullets” for the Ampatuan caboodle.

Some seized firearms of Ampatuans were gifts from politicians

Some of the high-powered firearms that the influential Ampatuan clan issued to its private armies were “gifts” from two politicians, acting Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales disclosed Monday.

According to Gonzales, the names of the two government officials cropped up during the investigation into the Nov. 23 massacre of 57 people in a town named after the Ampatuans.

“We do have names and some are kind of heartbreaking,” he said in a news briefing in Camp Aguinaldo.

Gonzales said the clan’s patriarch, Andal Ampatuan Sr., would often ask for firearms in exchange for the favors that he and his family provided to other politicians.

If this find is true, then wow — it’s surprising to know that even devils know how to exchange gifts!

Of Spanish Ties

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(A Sonnet)
Hilario Ziálcita y Legarda

What binds us to Mother Spain
who, in truth, loves us, her sons?
What strange force attracts us
To her people with bonds of brotherhood?

What treasures do we have of her culture,
her Christian tradition, her fervent faith,
her romantic language, its cadence,
Castilian elegance bequeathed to me?

When you circled the globe, the first
in your daring voyage of exploration,
you encountered the Philippines

Thus meriting the world’s admiration…
She, the heiress of your charms,
Thanks you with all her heart.

Manila, June 1999

From left to right: the poet Edwin A. Lozada, Don Hilario Ziálcita y Legarda, and Javier Galván (former director of the Instituto Cervantes de Manila). Photo taken on 27 June 2002 at the Casino Español in Ermita, Manila.

As a young man, Hilario Ziálcita y Legarda (b. 1913) wrote poems in Spanish and had them published in the Spanish language newspapers of the 1930s. Although he wanted to pursue a career in poetry, he took up medical studies instead. He finished high school and pre-med at the Ateneo de Manila and his formal medical studies at the University of Santo Tomás. After the liberation of the Philippines he pursued higher studies in radiology at Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, USA.

He was in charge of radiology at the U.S. Army 49th General Hospital at Fort McKinley in (sic) 1949-50 and in the U.S. Veterans Administration Office in Manila until 1959. He was the Chief Radiologist at the Chinese General Hospital. With Dr. Paterno Chikiamco, he organized the Philippine Radiology Society and was president at one time. He returned to America in 1986 and worked for the U.S. Army and Air Force until his last assignment at Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia, when he retired in 1993.

Despite his busy career, he had taken time to pursue graduate studies in Spanish at San Juan de Letrán College and in English Literature at the Ateneo de Manila before going abroad. After retiring from the practice of medicine, he went back to his old love — writing poems in Spanish.

From his bilingual book, The Manila Galleon and Other Poems, published by Caridad Z. Sevilla and printed by Eres Printing Corporation, 2004)

Click here for the Spanish version of this blogpost!

The Pacquiáo-Mayweather boxing tiff might end up becoming a hilarious tag team match!

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Pacman vs Mayweather

Manny Pacquiáo and Floyd Mayweather have finally agreed to slug it out next year, tentatively on 13 March 2010 (March 14, Philippine time).

But what’s this I hear? Pacquiáo’s trainer Freddie Roach is already making physical threats to Mayweather’s coach (and uncle) Roger Mayweather!

Roach ready to go to a street brawl with Floyd’s trash talking trainer

SUPERSTAR trainer Freddie Roach has made it known that he’s ready to engage Roger Mayweather, trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr, in a fight should Roger start trash-talking against Manny Pacquiáo and get out of the line.

Roach, in an interview with The Telegraph, was reacting to Roger Mayweather’s statement that his nephew will deliver a boxing lesson on Pacquiao.

“Floyd Sr is no harm. He has his poems and he talks a bit of trash, but he’s not mean. Roger and I don’t get along. He’s a piece of ****. He talks trash about my trainer Eddie Futch. He puts people down who can’t actually defend themselves because they have passed away.”

The Freddie Roach-Roger Mayweather drama is expected to be one of the major factors when the hype machine for the March 13 bout involving their two superstar fighters go into full blast.

“He says ‘Eddie Futch wasn’t ****’, stuff like that. He says he would have knocked me out. If he gets out of line, I will fight him. In the street. He’s disrespectful and I’m getting to the point where I can’t take it no more. If he talks like that one more time and I’m in front of him, he’s going to have a fight on his hands. It will be exciting because I’m not going to take this **** from him. He doesn’t have that good a chin – we know that. He can punch though. We’ll see,” Roach added. Inquirer Sports

If this boxing drama ever reaches wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon’s ears, he’s surely going to use it to his advantage. Well, his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) needs it really bad! WWE’s wrestling programs’ ratings are sliding down horribly ever since the demise of the controversial Attitude Era (and the retirement of his two wrestling superstars from that era, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock). And that’s why these past few months, McMahon has been inviting celebrity guest hosts for Raw, WWE’s flagship program, to stop the bleeding ratings.

Recently, both Mayweather, Jr. and Ricky Hatton (another Pacquiáo victim) became guest hosts for WWE Raw (on separate episodes). Why not invite our Filipino hero, too, for a change? Wasn’t he a darling when he guested in Jimmy Kimmel Live! early this year?

Between Pacquiáo and Mayweather, the latter has extensive “wrestling” experience. In WWE No Way Out (17 February 2008), “Pretty Boy” saved Rey Mysterio from a beating done by a returning Big Show. The ensuing save left Big Show with a broken nose courtesy of Mayweather’s lightning-speed punches. That incident culminated in a No Disqualification match between Pretty Boy Floyd and The World’s Largest Athlete in Wrestlemania XXIV (30 March 2008). The match was awful and hilarious. The crowd hated Pretty Boy for his underhanded tactics (and bravado) in defeating the more than seven-feet brawler (but what non-wrestler wouldn’t do that against The Big Show anyway)? He became an instant heel (villain in wrestling parlance) while the wrestling fans supported Big Show (who was supposed to be the bad guy). Mayweather won after a knockout (with the help of brass knuckles), but he was carried out of the ring by his entourage amidst deafening boos and catcalls.

A few months ago (24 August 2009), Mayweather and The Big Show met again, this time on a WWE Raw episode which Mayweather hosted. And this time, the fans were on his side since The Big Show, together with the coholder of his Unified WWE Tag Team Championship title, Chris Jericho, were on a villainous rampage. However, The Big Show wasn’t able to exact his revenge on Mayweather. Pretty Boy once again cheated on a match which pitted the tag team champions against Montel Vontavious Porter and Mark Henry (by tossing brass knuckles to MVP for the latter’s use). Ironically, the crowd loved him for that. He even had a segment with WWE’s top honcho himself, Vince McMahon, during that episode.

And just last month, 9 November 2009, British boxing sensation Ricky Hatton (who lasted only two vicious rounds against Pacman in The Battle of the East and West boxing pay-per-view last 2 May 2009), served as the next boxing celebrity host for WWE Raw. The episode was held in his country, the United Kingdom. Hatton even had a very entertaining “Boxer vs Wrestler” match against Chavo Guerrero which he won by using a devastating right hook — something which he failed to utilize against our very own Pacman.

So let Roach and Uncle Mayweather settle the score, not outside the streets (that’s too uncivilized and uneducated), but in a wrestling match. Or even a tag team wrestling match (Roach and Pacman vs the Mayweathers). The wrestling ring has already been tainted with boxers and various celebrities in the past. The Pacman vs Pretty Boy is expected to become the greatest boxing match of all time. Thus, the marketers must as well use WWE for promotions. Both parties, for sure, would benefit from it.

Now that’s going to be one incredible hype machine.

Am I serious about this suggestion? Being a wrestling and boxing fan, I’d like to think that I am. By the way, I’m suffering from a very high fever (with cough and flu and a severe headache) since yesterday.

World Wrestling Entertainment could become an avenue for promoting Pacman's match vs the loudmouth Mayweather.

Martial Law no more in Maguindanáo

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“In view of the accomplishments of martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the habeas corpus under Proclamation 1959, the Cabinet has recommended the lifting of martial law and which the President has approved,” Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita announced earlier today.

Martial Law in Maguindanáo.

Finally, they’ve come to their senses: Martial Law has been lifted in non-rebellious Maguindanáo. It’s about time. There is really no state of rebellion in the province. Plain and simple. Martial Law may have been justified, say, if it was directed against MILF aggression. But the group has been quiet for a long time. So why place the province under military rule?

When an alleged coup d’état against the Arroyo Administration last 2006 was discovered by the military, the country was placed only under a state of emergency. But Arroyo could’ve easily placed the country –or at least Metro Manila where “much of the action” was planned out– under Martial Law no matter what her critics say about it. But she didn’t. On the other hand, Arroyo could’ve just placed Maguindanáo under a state of emergency instead of declaring Martial Law. But again, she didn’t. Which makes her political behavior more confusing and suspect.

Theories have been put forward about the Maguindanáo Martial Law debacle. Many legal experts say that if the province is placed under Martial Law, then the murder raps filed against the Maguindanáo Massacre suspects, the Ampatuan clan (particularly Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr.), will be relegated to rebellion. And it is said that punishment for rebellion is surprisingly lighter compared to murder. It is likely that it was the real motive. After all, the Ampatuan clan is an Arroyo ally. Arroyo has a debt of gratitude to the embattled Muslim clan. It’s not really doubtful that they collabarated against FPJ’s electoral downfall in ARMM, particularly in Maguindanáo, during the 2004 Philippine National Elections.

Even the manner the mayor of Datu Unsay was taken in by authorities from his posh mansion in Maguindanáo to the National Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Manila was tainted with “royal preference”. If the massacre was headed by an ordinary person, the “arrest” would have been different. It could’ve been nasty. Punches and curses could’ve been thrown here and there. There could’ve even been blood. But no, that wasn’t the way it happened with the mayor. And it only reveals how unequal justice is in this country.

Afterwards, the arresting party claimed that the chopper they used to bring the primary suspect to Luzón was attacked “from the ground” by gunfire from unknown assailants. They said that Mayor Ampatuan was shocked. It was hilarious, really; nobody up to now took their claim seriously. That incident even died as soon as it was revealed to the media. And I could be the only person writing about.

Based on the foregoing, it appears that there is an obvious attempt to exonerate Mayor Ampatuan to the public by making him appear to be the victim, the downtrodden, the oppressed. But they only made him more ridiculous and hated and laughable. Nobody bought the chopper shooting incident.

You see, folks, the majority of Filipinos may have been wallowing in poverty for decades. But that doesn’t mean that the Filipino people are stupid. They have been through a lot of hell, and much of that hell was from the original Martial Law of Marcos. We’ve learned our lesson in blood.

The Filipino people are not stupid like what Arroyo and her lackeys think they are.


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